Monday, December 28, 2009

12 Angry Men (1957)

Stars :Henry Fonda, Lee.J.Cobbs,

Director :Sidney Lumet.

Some movie just leave you blank after you see them coz you were so into them that after they are over you don't know what to think about.12 Angry men was one such movie that left me wondering and speechless.Wondering how brilliant can cinema be and speechless by the shear acting powers of its artists.

A jury hears a case of 1st degree murder charge against an 18 year boy charged with killing his father and then are asked to come to a verdict.The men are led into a room to discuss and come to a conclusion ,guilty that will take the boy straight to the execution chair or not guilty.In the first vote all of the jury members agree to convict being guilty except one who feels that the boy and the case needs a discussion atleast.The jury goes over the points and what happens during that discussion and in that room is what the movie is all about.

The movie is exceptional and what makes this one so special are the performances ,dialogues, script and the direction that means everything about this movie is brilliant.Right from the acute camerawork to brilliantly developed screenplay and amazing story.The director Sydney Lemut has given us some masterpieces like Dog Day Afternoon,Serpico but I think this one was the best amongst them all.The tension buildup ,the confrontations and the emotions they all looked so real and were able to capture my imagination and attention.The background score helps in giving the movie a real look and the timing helps in building up the tension.Throughout the movie I was gripped and kept on my edge expecting the next argument.

The performances were excellent right from the word go.Henry Fonda ,this was his first movie which I saw proved why he was considered to be one of the finest ever.With his calm and yet so determined presentation he is not only able to convince the jury but me too.Lee.J.Cobb was brilliant as the jury member with his past interfering with his present reasoning.The confusion the commotion and the heightened temper were all brilliantly brought alive by him.Marshall was exceptional as the member with a strong belief but open to opinions.Each and every member of the cast contributed brilliantly to uplifting the movie to one of the finest ever.I could feel the tension in the room and was drawn into the movie by such fine portrayal of the characters.

The story was such a brilliant one that it never eased to even give me a min to think about something else.The arguments were brilliant and what made them exceptional was the mannerism of the actors and the characters.Each and every character was carved out with such perfection and distinction that it really amazed me ,how can someone really think of creating 12 characters with almost no similarity.I think the casting was done with perfection coz from the old man Sweeney to Henry Fonda each one left a mark with their performances.

I had heard and read a lot about the movie and now I can say each and every word written or spoken about the brilliance of it is 100% true.If you really want to see a movie with technical and acting brilliance 12 Angry Men should be your choice .
Its almost the perfect cinema we all wish for .

Plus :Everything about the movie ,one of the best drama ever.

Minus :its perfect so no minus

Rating :10/10

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