Thursday, December 24, 2009

3 idiots (2009)

Stars :Aamir khan,Sharman Joshi ,R Madhavan ,Kareena Kapoor,Boman Irani

Director :Rajkumar Hirani.

Oh God thank you what a Christmas gift,3 idiots is awesome people.What can you expect when Raju ,Aamir ,Sharman and Madhavan come together except magic and guys its magical.Right from start till the end its a pure delight and man I was sad why did it ended .Awesome, may be its an understatement its magnificent ,brilliant and a gem of a movie.Never short on fun laughter and love.

If you have ever been to college it will take you back in time,from the first day to graduation and you will feel connected and remember those golden days ,I tell you I did. if you haven't been to college then too the movie brings that joy to you and you will find a little bit of you in one of the characters.What a story not only funny but touching ,inspiring ,entertaining and yet leaves you with a message.Brilliant dialogues all real and almost used in our daily life.

Don't even get me started on the performances ,Oh! super fantastic and yet so real and so close.Aamir what to say of this genius ,he is a master at his art.He made me cry laugh along with him through out.A 43 year old as a 21 year old and yet looks so convincing .He just lifts the character of Rancho to another level,I feel a notch higher what Raju had in his mind.He is lovable ,rebellious , a true friend and a human.Aamir everytime he is on screen ,its just a pleasure to watch him.One of his finest performances and as Aakash in DCH says "Its almost impossible to improve perfection" Aamir is almost perfection.

Its not just Aamir who lights up the screen ,Sharman as Raju is awesome.I feel when you have an excellent actor your performance automatically lifts up as happened to him in RDB and here again with Aamir.Sharman is one of the most talented actors at present and Raju gives him a chance to showcase it and he doesn't disappoints.Right from scene one till the very end the scared ,hilarious and hard working Raju is brilliantly portrayed by him.I loved his performance great going Sharman.

Madhavan or "Maddy" who won over me as "Maddy" then as Ajay Rathore and lastly as the honest reporter in Guru ,he is terrific as Farhan.Sweet ,naughty , scared and courageous boy with dreams Madhavan portrays each emotion upto the mark .He brings Farhan alive on screen .He deserves his share of Sunshine now its been too long.He is brilliant and does full justice to his character.

It was good to see Kareena making some sense finally.She looks gorgeous ,acts effortlessly and is amazing as Neha.I always thought she was ok as an actress but now I have to say she is really good.The character was perfect for her and she does it perfectly,though it was a smaller part for someone accustomed in doing leads only n I am so glad she did it,I feel no other actress might have pulled it off.

Dr. J.Asthana to Dean Virus he has shown us his skills and is now one of the finest character actors ever.Boman as virus the college dean brings back the memories of Dr. J.Asthana.He is simply fantastic ,so convincing ,so real and so much like almost every college dean.Boman lives the character and never lets a slip up .He holds the movie and he audience together.Other supporting actors were great too.Character of silencer reminds of Swami in Munnabhai MBBS.Millimeter is brilliant too.

Raju has done a commendable job ,he is able to convey his message with fun and laughter ,just like his previous work. I felt if I compared Munnabhai to 3 idiots it would be unfair on Raju.He does well to keep the grip on the movie ,never letting the pace getting affected except for few minor places.Dialogues are brilliant ,get to hear some of those Engg joke and making an old joke presentable and laughable is one hard task n Raju come out with flying colors.The nick names of characters and even the dog family Megabyte ,gigabyte shows the thought and hard work put in the movie.Movie though looses midway for few minutes and looks impractical but when the pie is so yummy who cares for a small tiny sour piece.

Music is great,all the songs are sweet ,lovable and easy on ears ."Sunshine " , "ALL IS WELL" stand out for me.Lyrics are a beauty so soulful and so simple .

All in all If you want to have fun ,miss your college or just want to see a nice movie go for it or I would say don't miss it.Just go out and have a great time ,don't worry chachu "ALL IS WLL".

*Story is different from the book so keeping a secret.

Plus :A nice script,brilliant performances,lovely music,fine direction and if you like fun .

Minus :Very few but can be ignored as the movie is brilliant overall.

Rating :9/10

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