Monday, December 21, 2009

8mm (1999)

Stars :Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the finest performers of his generation and I would say this movie was one of his best movies ,not his best performance but one of the best movies he has been associated with.

Private investigator and surveillance expert Tom Welles(Nicolas Cage) is contacted by Daniel Longdale, the attorney of wealthy widow Mrs. Christian, whose husband has recently died. While going through the contents of her husband's safe, she and Longdale find an 8 mm film depicting what appears to be the brutal murder of a teenage girl by a hulking man in a mask.The film looks real but she wants to know the truth and how Tom is able to dig up the truth is what the movie is all about.

The movie touches upon the urban legend of snuff films ,which though never proved exist but have been a case of osme interest and research for investigators.The movie goes a bit deep into the ugly world of pornography and the credit goes to the director for focusing on what the real world rather than creating those illusionist version of the pornographic world.

The movie looks real and feels real too.The performance by Cage is commendable and the direction is good too.The part dealing with the trauma and the pain that the family of the victim has to go through made me feel for them.The characterization was great and I feel the editing was good too as the movie never lacked pace and kept me on the edge.

Initially I thought the climax was a bit awkward but now I think it was an apt ending to a very well made touching and equally gripping movie.

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