Monday, December 14, 2009


Voice artists :Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer.

Its always a pleasure to watch an animation movie and when its a visual delight and has a good storyline its a bonus.This one was really visual delight and with a science fiction story it was worth the time spent.

The movie is set in the post apocalyptic world ,the machines have destroyed human race ,one of the last surviving scientist creates little mechanical humanoid homunculus (called "stitchpunks") and creates 9 of them.The last one 9 is his last work and as soon as he creates 9 the scientist dies.The little 9 wakes up to an empty room and looks outside the window to find out a completely destroyed world.He is speechless initially ,he sees someone moving from his window goes down to look for and finds there are others like him 1 to 8 who were too created by the scientist .There are eight like him each having a different emotion.The world is ruled by machines and these little creatures are hiding from them for survival.How the courage and spirit of 9 turns the tide around for these little stichpunks is what the story is all about.

The movie is spectacular in its visual effects ,each stichpunk looks so cute and you just adore the way these characters have been developed.The way the characters of the stichpunks been developed on human quality is amazing.There is curiosity ,protective instinct,photographic memory ,care tenderness,courage and the spirit of not giving up and standing for what is right.How our emotions rule us and whichever emotion wins is reflected on the outcome of our actions is depicted effortlessly in the movie.

The voice artists do their job well and come out with some really fine work.The credit should be given to the team with came out with such quality animation .The direction by Shane Acker never losses the grip on the plot and the movie creates some fine moments.The story was a simple one and has a short film of the same name so the screenplay had to be really well written and I feel the writers did cameup with some decent screenplay.

All in all a nice movie which provides some marvelous thoughts to ponder upon like the last one when only 4 of the stichpunks remain and 7 asks 9 what happens next, 9 replies that he's not quite sure, but he also says that "This world is ours now, it's what we make of it".

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