Saturday, December 5, 2009

All the Best (2009)

Stars:Ajay Devgan,Sanjay Dutt,Fardeen Khan,Bipasha Basu,Mugdha Godse

I am again going to talk about comedy.I got to see this October release today.I had a perception about this one,I thought would be real bad one but I was surprised and have to say was a pleasant surprise.

The plot of the movie is some way close to Rohit Shetty's previous blockbusters ,all mixed up.The story is of two friends Prem(Ajay Devgan) and Veer(Fardeen Khan) and a lie that creates all the chaos.Fardeen khan lives with his girlfriend Vidhya(Mugdha Godse)but to get some more money from his brother Dharam(Sanjay Dutt)he has told Dharam that he is married to Vidhya .Prem a car enthusiast is married to Jhanvi(Bipasha Basu)who looks after Prem's ancestral Gym.Veer and Prem get into trouble when Dharam on the way to some place gets caught up in Goa becuase of a flight delay ,so he decides to meet Veer and Vidhya who he thinks are married.The trouble gets big when he has to stay for long becuase their is a coup in the country.There some other characters that make the film interesting and funny.It was great to see Tobu(Johnny Lever)after so long doing what he does best.

The best part about the movie is that its really funny at some situation.The screenplay is really good.For the first time Ajay Devgan looks good doing comedy.His earlier movies Golmaal were hits but Ajay looked really bad in those movies.He is a great actor but i dont think he was looking that great while doing comedy.Sanjay Dutt is always a super dude and he is fun too.Fardeen also has some successful comedies but he still needs to learn to act.There is nothing much for Bipasha Basu to do in the movie and Mugdha Godse is just an eye candy .The real package was Johnny Lever it was just so great to see one of the best comic actor in the industry after so long.He gives a delightful performance as mute Tobu .For me the best perormances were by Ajay Devgan and Sudhir .

The situations are funny and dialogues are to funny.There seems to be great work put into the dialogues and the screenplay.Music is ok not great though.

The movie is fun and definite a one time watch.

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