Wednesday, December 16, 2009

August Rush(2007)

Stars:Freddie Highmore,Keri Russell,Jonathan Rhys Meyers,Robbin Williams,Terrence Howard

There are some movies that just remain with you for a very very long time.You are just pulled in by the movie and you instantly fell in love with it.August Rush is one of those for me.

The story is about Evan Taylor(Freddie Highmore)a kid living in an orphanage and who has nothing except his music to connect to the world.he believes his parents are out there ,they are the ones who gave him the gift of music and he believes they still want him.The parents of Evan Lyla(Keri Russell)a famous cellist and Louis(Jonathan Rhys Meyer) a bands lead singer had met on a concert night ,started talking instantly knew they have met the one they were looking for .They fall in love but Lyla's father disapproves of the relation and the two are never able to meet again.Lyla gives birth to Evan but her father forges her signature and gives Evan for adoption and tells Lyla her baby was still born.Both Louis and Lyla quit on their careers and start living a depleted life still remembering each other.

Evan believes in reaching out to his parents through music and for that he starts playing on the streets ,that someday his parents will hear him and recognize him.He is taken in by Wizard(Robin William)who has several kids playing for him on streets and he takes a huge chunk from their tips and Evan is happy to oblige that's the way he feels he will meet his parents.Due to police raid Evan runs out on Wizard and lands up in a church and from there with the Father's help in the Julliard School.Lyla comes to know about her sons existence and starts looking for him.She is able to figure out about Evan and decides to stay in New York and rebuild her career for her new found reason her son Evan.Evan impresses the school faculty and one of his work is selected to be performed by the New York Philharmonic in Central Park.Lyla also gets invited to play as guest Cellist in the same concert .Louis is also at the same time in town to play at a concert after uniting with his old band.Louis finds Lyla in the concert and Lyla finds her son playing in the concert and Evan finally meets his parents Lyla and Louis standing right in front of him when he finishes his piece .

Music is something that always connects us whether we accept it or not.A movie based on how music connects people is an amazing thought and a risky one too.As the music could prove to be a pitfall for the movie if its not really good.August Rush is able touch each note high or low in perfect symphony.The music touches you deep ,and it draws you into the movie.Whether its the guitar play by Evan on the streets or the performance by Louis or the Cello by Lyla each and every musical piece strikes the right chord.I could just close my eyes and listen to the last piece at the concert ,it was just mesmerizing.The music of the movie just balances out whatever shortcomings the movie had.

The performance by the artist is great.Freddie has done great work as Evan ,he is able to convey his feelings not just through his body but through his eyes in certain close up shots,like the one in concert when his eyes just lit up when he feels that his parents are near somewhere.Keri Russell she is gorgeous and with that cello ,my god she looks just awesome.Playing an instrument is always difficult and when you have to act with it its really dangerous.Coz if you dont handle the musical instrument properly it may make you look like a fool on the screen and Keri avoids it and looks stunning while playing it.She does a commendable job with her character and really pulls of a great performance.Jonathan had nothing much to do actually in the movie but he looks good in his small part.Robbin William does great as the selfish and shrewd Wizard.There is never a doubt with Robin which ever character he plays.

I just loved the movie ,the concept and the music.You sometimes feel for a movie and you are so much in awe of the movie that you cant find any flaw and the same thing happened to me in this movie.I couldnt find a single flaw may be coz i wasnt looking for any.I just felt so good while watching the movie that all could see were the good things and probably thats the magic of music.Its just takes you from you lowest of lows to a completely different world .

If I were to give this movie a rating out of 5 I would have given it 5/5 for the heart that carried the movie forward and connected with me through the music.

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