Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Death at a Funeral (2007)

Stars : Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Graves, Peter Dinklage,lan Tudyk,Daisy Donovan.

Director : Frank Oz

I have been a fan of fast and awkward situational British comedies since I saw Lock,Stock and two Smoking Barrels and Death at a Funeral just adds to my reasons.
A fast paced well executed comedy that gives ample of moments to laugh the heart out.

Daniel's (Matthew Macfadyen)father has passed away and the movie begins on the day of his father's funeral.Friends and family are present at the funeral ,Daniel's brother Robert a well known author also flies in from New York to be with the family.Among those gathered are Daniel's uncle,his cousin Martha with her fiance Simon and cousin Troy ,a few close family fiends and one strange short man Peter who no one knows. All is well when the service starts but suddenly Simon says the box is moving ,and in a state of panic topples the coffin.Actually on the way to funeral Martha and Simon stop to pick up Troy where Martha gives Simon Valium to calm his nerves down but actually its not Valium ,it is a designer hallucinogenic drug manufactured by her brother Troy.Peter introduces himself to Daniel as his father's lover and produces photographs in support of his statement.He demands money in lieu to keep his fathers homosexual side a secret.Then what all happens in the house as commotion is created by Peter and Simon who is under influence of drugs is what the movie is all about.

The good thing about these British comedies is that they pass by like a breeze ,they are never slow and there is never a dull moment through out the movie.Death at a Funeral was another funny one from this genre.The screenplay is brisk and the dialogue are funny too.A situational comedy is a hard genre that's what I have felt but Frank Oz does a fine job in creating hilarious situations that certainly tickled my funny bones.The standout thing for me in the movie was the subtle and almost perfect performances by the cast.

The characters were nicely carved and the sub plots in the movie were very nicely woven in by the writers.The performances from the actors portraying the following characters I feel deserve a special mention. Matthew Macfadyen as Daniel, Peter Dinklage as Peter
,Alan Tudyk as Simon, Daisy Donovan as Martha, Kris Marshall as Troy and Andy Nyman as Howard. Each of the artists did a fine job with their character and never there was a moment that any of the characters felt like overdoing or underplaying something.

The movie delivers on the comedy quotient as well as has certain moments of emotion,the final eulogy by Daniel's is one such moment that brings an apt end to a adequately hilarious movie.The star was the script and the icing for me was the pace of the movie at which its executed.

I have seen better British comedies but this one isn't one of those to be shunned away for the others.Its a decent movie which never falls short of fun and laughter.

Plus :Well paced with a nice script ,hilarious situation and some fine performances.

Minus :If you compare it with other British Comedies ,we may find a few , so don't compare.

Rating :7/10

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