Friday, December 4, 2009

Failure to Launch(2006)

Stars:Matthew McConaughey ,Sarah Jessica Parker,Zooey Deschanel ,Justin Bartha,Bradley Cooper,Kathy Bates

I dont know but seems like every time I look for a movie I end up watching a romantic comedy or a out and out comedy.This one was no different either.

The plot is a bit unbelievable but yeah then every other movie has a plot that is unbelievable .Trip(Matthew McConaughey)a 35 year old guy who is a boat broker lives with his parents who want him to move out but cannot say it straight to him.So as a last resort they hire Paula(Sarah Jessica Parker)who is an expert in talking guys out of such situations which she calls "Failure To Launch".The rest of the movie is about their journey which ends with both them falling in love with each other.

Matthew McConaughey is good ,its just his accent that always sounds weired and makes him sexy for the girls .He has been consistent with his acting in movies for a long time now.He had some share of success with such romantic guy roles and they do suit him.It was the first time I saw a Sarah Jessica Parker movie.yeah u can say what an idiot should have seen the "Sex and the City "movie but sorry people its was teh first one.Bradley Cooper is so cool and with his small role he looks great.SO does Justin Bartha ,he was cool in National treasure and is quite likable in this one too.The one person who amazes me is Zooey Deschanel,god this is second movie of her which i have seen and she is good,I mean really gooood.Man I am in love with this lady ,she looks so amazing and even with such simople and short role as Paula's roommate she does full justice.

The soundtrack is soothing and good.All in all a one time watch ,if you want to spend sometime at home munching and drinking soda then yeah go for it.

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