Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fantastic Mr.Fox(2009)

Voice Stars:George Clooney,Meryl Streep.

Animation is amongst my favorite genres and each and every animation is a delight to watch.Whether its stop-motion or CGI the animation movies always provide that much needed off time .

Mr.Fox(George Clooney) along with his wife Felicity(Meryl Streep)are on a run to raid a chicken Farm,somehow things get a bit wrong as they get trapped in a fox trap.Felicity reveals to Mr.Fox that she is pregnant and asks Mr.Fox for promise to find a safe and real job if they get out of the trap alive.Mr.Fox finds a job as newspaper columnist and is living with his son Ash(Jason)and wife in a hole and its been two years since that fox trap incident .Mr.Fox has ambition to provide his family with a decent living and a nice home.He purchases a tree house right in front of the three most dangerous farmers in the whole country Walter Boggis, Nathan Bunce, and Franklin Bean .Felicity's nephew Kristofferson also moves in with them.Kristofferson being a natural athlete is noticed and praised by Mr.Fox and at school which creates a jealous and a hate feeling in Ash for him.

Mr. Fox scum's to his instincts and decides to steal from the farmers with the help of his friend Kylie(Wallace Wolodarsky)and he is successful but this angers the farmers and they decide to kill the Fox family.They fire at Mr.Fox and miss but they are able cut of Mr.Fox's tail.The farmers don't give up and are hell bent on destroying Mr.Fox so they start cutting the tree down.Fox family digs the ground in order to escape but are followed by the farmers men who too start digging.The whole area is turned upside down which creates problem for other animals too.Mr.Fox is still able to keep off from the farmers but with no food his family and other animals become restless.So Mr.Fox designs a plan to steal all from the farmers who were busy looking for him and have turned the whole area outside their farm and near Mr.Fox's house into a military zone.This action aggravates the anger of the farmers and they somehow kidnap Kristofferson .Mr.Fox plans on surrendering himself to the farmers and save the kid .But the surrender is just his plan to rescue the kid and he is able to save the kid with the help from his son who is finally gets the praise from his father Mr.Fox.

Mr.Fox is based on a children novel written by Roald Dahl .The voice over by the two stars Mr.Clooney and Meryl Streep is rally good.I liked the movie for its shear presentation , nicely written dialogue and screenplay.The movie is too cute to not like .From the music to the characters of the creatures was so beautifully created that after some initial hesitation I was completely hooked to the movie.

The going back to stop-motion was for me the highlight of the movie ,reminds me of those early cute and wonderful films and cartoons .Initially that seems an odd choice but slowly as the movie moves ahead it becomes so lovable.The character of Mr.Fox is really beautifully written and the voice of Mr.Clooney does justice to each shade of Mr.Fox's character.Ash Mr Fox's son and Mr.Fox's friend Kylie were the cutest characters for me.The movie I felt in a subtle way also tried to convey that overcome your fears and the victory will be yours.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie , was great relaxation and time well spend.One of the better animation movies of the past 2-3 years.

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