Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finnaly I found it

I always wanted to write a blog and I did tried my hand at blogging, started two blogs posted 3-4 times and quit.I was thinking what is that i can write about ,what is one thing that i can talk about long and endless ,so last night it came to me ."Movies" yes movies that's something i can write about.I live with them, I sleep with them and they make me happy.

I can watch movies and talk about them forever and the best part is there is no shortage of movies.There is no such thing as a good movie or a bad movie for me ,its just an artistic thought that I enjoy watching a lot and I mean a lot.You can call me a cinemaholic and I am proud to be one.

So i have decided that I will write about the movies that i will see and I feel I read the critics and hear from viewers ,so why not me .

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