Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Fugitive(1993)

Stars:Harrison Ford,Tommy Lee Jones .

Yet another Harrison Ford action drama and like the rest of the pack this one too is quite enjoyable to watch.

Dr.Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford)a highly reputed Vascular Surgeon is charged with the murder of his wife Helen(Sela Ward)but Richard pleads innocence and has a story of a one armed man killing his wife Helen .All the evidence are found against him and he is charged as guilty of her murder and is sentenced to death penalty for the same.On being transported to the state prison ,an escape attempt is made by the other convicts which leads to a major accident and Richard is able to flee away to prove his innocence.

Samuel Gerard(Tommy Lee Jones)a Deputy United states Marshal a man known for his get the job done attitude is assigned to catch Richard and bring him to justice.Richard comes face to face with Samuel on a dam but just as he was to be arrested by Samuel ,Richard takes a leap down the stream .Richard looks for that one armed man and finds out a very dirty secret and is helped in this by his friend and associate, Dr. Charles Nichols.What unfolds next is really interesting.

Harrison Ford needs no introduction one of the leading Stars of the last three decades he has always brought character to life on the screen.As Richard ,Ford again gives a fine performance and is able to keep me in the seat till the end of the movie.Tommy Lee Jones won an Academy Award for his performance and he does a nomination deserving job .As a heartless and non compromising Deputy he brings the attitude and stature of a Deputy brilliantly on the screen.The two leads were ably supported by the other members of cast.

The story and the turns in the script are the real hero's of the movie.The action sequences are not that high flying yeah but that jump from the top of a Dam into the falling water was a great one.The train accident was good enough too.The movie needed a decent pace to grip the viewer and I was gripped by the movie so I feel it was a decently paced movie that never slacks in between.

Another wonderful Harrison Ford movie ,their is nothing better than an fighting Harrison Ford.I enjoyed it and hope you do to.

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