Friday, December 4, 2009

Funny People(2009)

Stars :Adam Sandler ,Seth Rogen,Leslie Mann,Eric Bana,Jonah Hill.

I went home yesterday and was looking for a movie that would be funny and kind of subtle too and Funny people was my answer.The Movie is lovable,sweet and funny.The movie is a roller coaster ride through a emotional state of our two main protagonists.

The movie begins with George Simmons(Adam Sandler) being diagnosed with a rare case of Leukemia,George Simmons is a highly successful stand up comic and an extremely successful movie star.The other protagonist Ira Wright(Seth Rogen)is an aspiring comedian who is struggling to create a descent name and living for himself.George sees Ira perform and asks him if he could write for him and Ira readily agrees.What happens next how the two people become friends and how George tries to win back his love Laura(Leslie Mann) who had left him 12 years ago is what the story is all about.
Remember I could have detailed the story but it reduces the freshness of the movie ,so never reveal the full plot.

The characters are very well written ,and given space to develop on their own.The highlight of the movie are the stand-up comic performances by various artists including Sandler,Rogen , Hill and Aziz Ansari who plays Randy Springs in the movie.Almost all of the stand-up presentations are hilarious.Weather its Adam Sandler or Ansari each one delivers what I expected from the movie.Adam Sandler is always good ,the ease with which he lives each of his character puts him in one of my favorite Comic actors.Eric Bana's Australian accent is so funny and Leslie Mann mocking him is outrageous.

The ending scene of the movie was somewhat a question for me ,how to should I take it?Weather it was a normal end as was visible or had some deep meaning to it .I m still searching and probably will watch the movie again to decide.

The movie was fun I loved it and went to bed with a smile on my face.

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