Monday, December 14, 2009

Hurricane Season(2009)

Stars :Forest Whitaker, Eric Hill, Taraji P. Henson,Lil Wayne, Bow Wow

Another of the true life inspired movies and a good one too.The movie is among those sports inspirational movies but with almost a completely different background than those I have seen before.

The devastating Hurricane Katrina completely destroys the city of New Orleans and with it the spirits of the people of the city.Every school in the city is closed and every aspiring student and sports player is devastated ,at this moment the East St. John High School's coach Al Collins (Forest Whitaker),inspired by one of his player's help decides to built the basketball team again and compete in the season.The movie is about the spirit of the boys involved who come together though they were from five different schools and had their on grudges and rivalry.How the undying spirit triumphs and the hard work of the boys pays off when they win the State Championship.

Since it's inspired from a true story the value of the movie rises by itself.The performance by each actor form Forest Whitaker to the boys who make up the team is brilliant.Its always very difficult to paint the same picture on the screen as in real life but the director Tim Story succeeds to some extent in portraying the emotions.The performance by Whitaker as the coach is praiseworthy .The pace of the movie is fine and the director avoids going into the area of depicting the pain caused by the hurricane and concentrates on depicting the spirit of Al Collins and his boys.

The direction is fine and when you have such a terrific real story then all things mostly come into place .There are moments in the movie that can force anyone to imagine the pain those guys went through in real and the courage that those guys reflected when the going was tough.

The movie reflects upon the thought of courage and believing in one self in the face of adversity .Pain is something you can either cling to for forever or you can stand and make it a weapon to fight with.

I have become an admirer of Whitaker and I like such real life inspirational movies may be I wont change immediately but always at the back of mind i have an example to look up when the going gets hard .

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