Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jennifer's Body(2009)

Stars:Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody and Johnny Simmons.

A horror movie trying to be a bit funny and ends up being nothing and nowhere.But like every coin has two sides this one has few good points too to look upto.

The plot revolves around Jennifer(Megan Fox) and Needy(Amanda Seyfried)who are best friends and have been since childhood.Jennifer and Needy are both completely opposite of each other and yet they are BFF .Jennifer is the hot shot glamor queen of the school and Needy is one in the crowd among the students.They both go to a local bar where a little known band Low Shoulder comes to perform.The lead of the band Nikolai(Adam Brody)and Jennifer hit a conversation and Jennifer just falls for the man.As they start performing a fire breaks out and everyone is burnt except Needy ,Jennifer and The Low Shoulder band.Nikolai takes Jennifer away with his band and Needy just couldn't stop her.

Jennifer is sacrificed by the band to Satan for name and fame thinking she is a virgin but she not being one , gets possessed by the devil.She returns with a new found glow and a thirst for flesh to keep the Devil alive and herself glowing.Needy recognizes what is going on with Jennifer and tries to stop her .She tries to tell Chip(Johnny Simmons)her boyfriend what's going on with Jennifer and asks him to stay away from her.But on a dance night Jennifer is able to lay her hands on Chip and Needy tries to save Chip from Jennifer but Chip dies.Needy goes for revenge and kills Jennifer but during the struggle she is bitten by Jennifer.Needy is sent to asylum .She gets some of the devils power as she was bitten by Jennifer and she breaks out of asylum to kill the band members of Low Shoulder.

The first thing to notice about the movie is Megan Fox ,you cannot take you eyes of her.She is damn hot and even the idea of a devil inside that hot body just races the pulse to its peak.Apart from her looks if her performance is to be considered she does a fair enough job .As the flesh eating possessed seductress she brings the fantasy alive on the screen.Amanda Seyfried has a role that needed her to act and come with almost all the emotions ,including those of Megan and she does pretty well .Amanda is able to out perform rest of the cast and is able to give something to look for into the movie other than Megan.Johnny as Chip does a decent job with his character .Earlier he was supposed to do Nikolai and it was better that Adam did Nikolai coz he looked great as Nikolai and Johnny looked like his character a simple school boy in Love.

If the script had something to offer was just the thought of a possessed teenager and her relation with her best friend who knew about her.Rest of it was just common and plain.The basic idea was good but the development of the idea wasn't as great as the idea.The sound track is good and you can listen to it once a while.The special effect were average and normal except one where Megan's jaw opens up like a reptile's ,that was one amazing shot .

The movie intended to be something and came out as nothing.The genre of horror comedy is tricky and you loose your grip once on script and direction , its hard to climb back up and come up with something great.

Watch the movie for Megan Fox the devil inside.

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