Friday, December 4, 2009


Stars:Ellen Page,Michael Cera, Olivia Thirlby, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman

It may sound stupid but "Eureka!Eureka!" .Finally i have been able to find a movie which was not a romantic comedy or was it still a romantic comedy drama.It depends on the interpretation ,and through which characters glasses you are looking through.

This movie has probably the most original screenplay and may be yeah may be the finest soundtrack that was actually used in the movie.The story revolves around Juno(Ellen Page) a sixteen year old who gets pregnant while in school but instead of going for an abortion she decides to give birth to the baby.Her relationship with her child's father Bleeker(Michael Cera)how it moves from one time sexual raltionship to love is a real support story of the movie.Her emotional growth ,her journey through the nine months is what Juno is all about.The support she finds in her father Mac(J.K. Simmons) her stepmother Brenda(Allison Jenny)and her friend Leah(Olivia Thirlby) brings her closer to her family .She decides to give the baby to a couple Vanessa(Jennifer Garner )and Mark(Jason Bateman) who have been seeking a baby for five years.The journey of all these people together ,how each of thier lives get affected by it is all about the movie.

The highlight of the movie other than the story is the performance by Ellen Page.She delivers one of the finest performance among all teen movies.She delivers a superb performance .Each and every artist in the movie delivers a top notch performance.Ellen delivers with so much ease in every scene weather its a clueless Juno who finds she is pregnant in the beginning of the movie or the emotional Juno just after her childbirth at the end.I would like to mention that at the start of the movie their is an animation sequence of Juno going to a store and its awesome ,specially with the song playing in the background.

The music of the movie is really amazing .The music has such a subtle and irresistible feel to it .The songs are basically on guitar and harmonica and feel great to listen to.

All in all a super movie ,great story ,wonderful and brilliant direction and to top it all really excellent performances.I loved it and sure you will too.

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