Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Knocked Up(2006)

Stars:Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, and Leslie Mann

Judd Apatow is a funny man and all of his movies explore new angles of comedy and this one is again one of his adventure that turns out well.

Ben(Seth Rogen)is a 23 year old junkie ,lives with his friends and colleagues ,smokes pot and does not bothers about his future.Ben is working on creating an adult website with his friends and that's his only work.Alison(Katherine Heigl)a beautiful girl living with her sister Debbie's (Leslie Mann) family and works for the E! channel ,she has goals and aims in life to reach.Alison gets a promotion on the job and is asked to be a presenter for one of the channels show.She goes out to celebrate with her sister.She meets Ben at the club the two start talking ,drinking and end up in Alison's bed.

Two months after that drunk night Alison doubts she may be pregnant and is completely shocked when Ben confirms that he wasn't wearing any protection.Both Ben and Alison are freaked out by their situation and are having troubling deciding what to do.Alison make her mind to have the baby and Ben agrees to support her and be with her.What happens during the next nine months is what the movie is all about.

The story isn't a new or unique one but what helps the movie is some fine performance and great writing.Seth Rogen is good as the weed smoking scumbag who finally changes his ways for his family.Katherine is gorgeous and she looks amazing as Alison.Performance that stand out for me was of Paul Rudd, and Leslie Mann as teh struggling couple.Specially Paul Rudd comes good as Pete Debbie's husband who is disturbed by his life and needs time for himself.The supporting cast of the movie which includes Jason Segel as Jason ,Jay Baruchel as Jay,Jonah Hill as Jonah,Martin Starr as Martin friends of Ben are good and play their part fine.

The movie though suffers on the pace ,it kinda slows down in the middle but is saved by some funny lines from the writers.The movie has some great funny moments and because of the chemistry between the cast it comes out good.

I think Judd has confirmed his position as a fime director and thinker of comedies and has been providing some great entertainers .Knocked up is a fun to watch and is worth the time spend.

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