Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The man from earth(2007)

Star :David Lee Smith

I dont know which genre to put this one in but I m pretty sure this was one of the best stories I have come across in a very long time.May be it can be put into sci-fi or drama but whatever it is the movie was awesome.

The plot focuses on John Oldman(David Lee Smith), a departing teacher who claims to be a Cro-Magnon (or Magdalenian caveman) who has somehow survived for over 14,000 years.The movie is in form of a discussion going in Oldman's house on the day he is leaving.The story is about his travel through the last 14000 years ,how he has evolved ,what he has seen .What man was and what man has become.The plot challenges one of the biggest religion Christianity ,it beliefs ,principals its based on and what actually was Jesus trying to convey.

The plot is exceptional ,one of the most imaginative and so compelling that you cannot let go once you start it.The way the story unfold from the cave man to the journey man traveling across the oceans and the mountains.The story moves from one century to another revealing what Mr.Oldman experienced.The movie touches upon religion too.From Buddha to Jesus ,how Jesus was an ordinary man who tried to teach what he learned from Buddha.How the religion has transformed men to a animal.The movie also touches upon the environment what we have done with it.The way everything has been explained and the way the narration is ,it almost makes u believe this could be possible.

I want to give a big round of applause to Jerome Bixby the writer and director Richard Schenkman ,they have created a masterpiece within such short budget.Jerome Bixby started the script in 1960's and completed it in 1998 on his deathbed.Its a masterpiece and reflects how vast imagination can be and how deep the thoughts can be if used wisely.I was just awestruck when i heard the plot and I dont think there has ever been a movie that could create such magic.The movie was spellbounding the actors from David Lee Smith to the supporting cast .

There are some tremendous dialogues through out the movie and the quotes are just amazing .The movie makes us realize what we were and where we have ended up.The screenplay was simple and yet was gripping.

I feel this was definitely one of the best I have ever seen.I respect the thought put in the movie and the imagination is just brilliant.

Must watch and you will not regret spending your time with it.

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saurav a.k.a tats said...

excellent way to throw light as to what is stored for one in the movie.Right from start one gets an idea with incidents like Van gough's painting and Johny Walker Green.