Monday, December 21, 2009

National Treasure Book of secrets(2007)

Stars:Nicolas Cage,Jon Voight,Justin Bartha ,Diane Kruger,Ed Harris .

Treasure hunts have always been a fascination and a movie with Nicolas Cage arguably one of the best action adventure stars in the last two decades is like a perfect combination.A treasure hunt that deals with one of the urban legends mixed with treasure hunt is like a desert after a wholesome meal.

Benjamin Franklin Gates(Nicolas Cage)is the great great grandson of Thomas Gates a civil war martyr believes that his great great grandfather knew about the secret city of gold Cibola .Gates is talking about the heroics of his great great grandfather at Civilian Heroes conference when he is interrupted by Mitch Wilkinson(Ed Harris).Mitch has a different story about Thomas Gates to tell the gathering and he reveals one of the missing pages from John Wilkes Booths'diary the man who shot Abraham Lincoln ,the page has the name of Thomas Gates and Mitch is able to prove Thomas Gates as the mastermind behind Lincoln's assassination .Ben and his father Patrick Gates(Jon Voight) know and believe that charges against Thomas Gates are false and decide to imbibe on a journey to unveil the real truth behind the page and prove that Thomas Gates was innocent and a Civil War Hero.

Benjamin is supported in this journey by his old time friend and partner Riley(Justin Bartha) who has lost all his money to IRS and some fraud by his finance man.Benjamin s' estranged girlfriend, Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger)decides to help him again after knowing about what happened.To achieve his goal Benjamin and team go through a lot of twists and turns and are finally able to achieve what they set out for.During the course they break into Queen Elizabeth s' study ,the Oval office and Benjamin kidnaps the president.

For movies of this genre the story is the most important aspect ,a great story can make the movie a huge success or a bad one leads to a straight dive down.Fortunately NT2(National Treasure 2)has a brilliant script ,full of twists ,revealing and touching upon some historic and urban legends.The movie really grips and never ever looses the pace and interest.The sets were amazing and I have to say Hats off to the writers as this genre movie need a lot of imagination and creative thinking,linking up some legends adding modern legends and mixing them up with some facts is a very dedicated and complex job.Thumbs up to the writer of this movie.

Performance wise there is nothing much to offer except some really cool situation and wacky lines ,mostly by Riley .All three together Cage,Bartha and Kruger form a formidable team and are ably supported by Voight and Harris.Bartha escapes with some witty lines and is able to pull Riley better in this one than the first one.Diana looks amazing as the estranged girlfriend and treasure hunter.The chemistry between the stars look better than the first and they have taken the action and the story to a higher level.Ed Harris as Mitch is average ,the screen is lit up by the performance of Helen Mirren as Dr. Emily Appleton Benjamin s' mother .

The movie is a pure pleasure and is very high on entertainment value.Like the Indiana Jones I feel the National treasure can become a great success if the stories of the next installments are really great.I loved the movie and have to say will be waiting for the third installment supposedly to be out somewhere in 2011.

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