Saturday, December 19, 2009


Stars:Gabourey Sidibe, Mariah Carey, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton ,Lenny Kravitz

Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is .....Precious.This tag line is enough for me to watch a movie and what I saw was even better.

Claereece Precious Jones(Gabourey Sidibe) a 16 year old pregnant with her second child is shown the door by her school.Precious as she likes her to be addressed ,is a result of a broken home,she lives with her hot head good for nothing and ever abusing mother Mary (Mo'Nique).She is pregnant with her second child from her father ,her child a result of sexual abuse and rape.Like every 16 year old girl Precious has dreams ,dream of being on magazine cover,being in BET videos and having a handsome boyfriend .Precious is a brilliant maths student ,so her principal helps her to get into an alternative school .

With all odds against her and being socially discarded and laughed at precious has a spirit ,she believes in that one day everything will be fine and she will realize her dream.She is helped by her alternative school teacher Miss Rain (Paula Patton) under whose inspiration and supervision she starts learning .She makes friends with her classmates and starts feeling being wanted and loved.She gives birth to her second child Abdul and decides to go Home with the three day old Abdul.Her mother deliberately drops Abdul,hits Precious and abuses Precious for taking her man from her .This time Precious fights back for her son and leaves her home.She finds solace with her teacher Miss Rain who offers Precious to stay with her until she can find a place.

Precious's mother Mary informs Precious of her fathers demise and that her father had AIDS.Precious goes for a test and is heartbroken when she tests positive.She is shattered but decides not to wait for death but to fight her battle for her son Abdul and her first kid Mongo who has down syndrome and was living with Precious's grandmother.She leaves her mother and starts a fresh with both her kids with her.

If the performance by actors is considered I think they were all perfect in their characters.From Gabourey as Precious to Mo'Nique as Mary to Paula Patton as Miss Rain each one did their jobs with absolute perfection.Specially Gabourey does a fabulous job as Precious ,she was the core and a lot depended on her and she does it brilliantly,Mo'Nique is exceptional too.

The movie is a very positive and great effort on the part of the director Lee Daniels.Movies like Precious depend a lot on the perception of the viewer and I feel we can either see it as Triumph of spirit against adversity or may see it as another common black movie ,either way both the aspects have been depicted several times on screen but what differentiate Precious is the honesty in the characters and the way Lee Daniels handles each character and scene.I was very impressed by Lee Daniels coz he could have taken the movie to the darkest corners but instead decided to paint a bigger picture of life.Precious is not just another black 16 year old but I feel she portrays almost all those 16 year old across the world who are being tortured and treated like animals.

A hearty effort by the cast ,crew and a director in establishing a precious connection to our hearts with the heart of "Claereece Precious Jones".Remember always you people
"Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is .....Precious".

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