Monday, December 14, 2009

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year(2009)

Stars :Ranbir Kapoor, Naveen Kaushik ,Gauhar Khan ,D Santosh , Mukesh Bhatt .

Its a rare feet to come up with a no frills movie in Bollywood and this one is one such rarity.

The story begins with a party where Harpreet Singh Bedi(Ranbir Kappor) and his friends have gathered to celebrating passing from college.Harpreet who has scored just 39% is asked by his friends about his next step and he replies with a goal of becoming a salesman.Harpreet gets a job as salesman in a computer sales company where all his previous knowledge and believes about the world are floored on the very first .After being embarrassed and humiliated on the very first few days Harpreet decides to stand up and take action.He decides to start his own company similar to his current one while still working .He joins hands with the service engineer Giri(D Santosh)initially and then as the work increases he brings in the receptionist of his employer company Koena(Gauhar Khan) ,the peon who is expert at assembling computer Chotelal(Mukesh Bhatt)and the initially cunning team lead Nitin(Naveen Kaushik).The story is journey of this team from zero to a humble company.The challenges they face and how they overcome them is what movie is about.

The plot looks simple but its the real hero of the movie.The way the story unfolds is just amazing.Ranbir has shown his capabilities as an actor in his last 4 flicks and here he adds another feather to his cap.He gives yet another brilliant performance as a 20 something sardar.The performance by each actor from Gauhar Khan to Mukest Bhatt is praiseworthy.Whether its the porn surfing service engineer played by D Santosh or the really mean and opportunist team lead played by Naveen Kaushik each and every actor lives upto the character neither underplaying or overdoing it.

The magic lies in the story and screenplay.The subject is such that it could have been destroyed with a badly written screenplay and poor direction.The team of Jaideep Sahni and Shimit Amin create brilliance again after the highly successful Chake De.The characters have been developed on the people around us ,the situations are too familiar to all those working in highly competitive environments.The movie has absolute no frills and that where the movie clicks.Shimit does it again ,he does not goes overboard and paints the exact picture as we see in the offices today.He was brilliant in his last two creations and does good work again.

The movie is a very simple but just don't judge it by its simplicity try feeling whats behind that thought.Don't miss it ,one of the brilliant films that have come out this year .Remember "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

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