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Stars :Al Pacino,Steven Bauer,Michelle Pfeiffer,Robert Loggia

A gangster movies is one genre that always or may be most of the times generates a lot of interest and when its Al Pacino playing the lead it is for sure to be just more than an interest.

Tony Montana(Al Pacino)is a Cuban immigrant who enters the USA through the sea route along with his close friend Manny(Steven Bauer).He had a criminal record back in Cuba so is held in a correctional facility ,where he is offered a job to murder a Cuban agent in lieu of a green card,Tony gladly obliges and earns a green card for himself and his friend Manny.From here starts his journey in crime world which takes him from a shabby restaurant to the office of the big boss of the drug mafia Frank(Robert Loggia ).Frank develops a liking for Tony and offers him and his boys a job .Tony starts working for Frank and rises in rank so as to go into deals for Frank accompanied by Franks trusted Omar. In one such deal with a Bolivian drug lord Alejandro Sosa(Paul Shenar) Frank makes a mega deal on behalf of Frank and Omar is murdered during the visit by Sosa .This heats up his relations with Frank and he leaves Frank to start on his own.Frank tries to pull Tony down by pressurizing him from Police and even sending assassin to get rid of him but Tony escapes the attempt on his life .He meets Frank and after Franks confession he kills Frank ,takes over Franks empire and marries Franks girl Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer)whom Tony always wanted.

Tony Montana reaches the top of the crime world amasses huge wealth and power.His lifestyle slowly turn on him and his relationship with Elvira and his family grows sour and Tony turn a paranoid .Tony finally gets caught when he is arrested for laundering $1.3 million illegally.He is told by his attorneys that he had to spend 3 years imprisonment for sure in this cause ,at this time Sosa calls frank and calls him up to come to Bolivia and they can fix it.Sosa proposes that Tony helps Sosa in killing a government official and Sosa's contacts will get Tony out of trouble with law.On the due day for the murder of the official Tony asks the assassin to back off as the guy is being accompanied by family but he doesn't backs down so a bewildered Tony kills the assassin. This turns Sosa against Tony .Tony's mom calls on Tony to discuss about the life of Gina and her disappearance for a few days.Tony finds Gina at Manny's apartment and in his rage Tony kills Manny ,to be later told by Gina about her marriage to him.
Devastated Tony comes to his mansion and snuffs on the cocaine unaware of an assassin party being send by Sosa to his place.Finally after a heavy gun battle Tony is killed and his body floats in his own pool.

Al Pacino the name itself raises the expectations from a movie and when its a gangster movie the expectations always reach the skies.In Scarface Al Pacino again delivers a splendid performance as Tony Montana.From the Cuban accented to the highly ambitious to the paranoid Tony Montana Al Pacino lives it all with perfection.There is no comparison to his acting powers and in this one Al Pacino reminds why he is considered one of the best ever.He is able to bring every shade of Tony Montana's life and character with such ease and brilliance on to the screen ,that you are forced to believe in the existence of Tony Montana.Steven as Manny does a great job in supporting Al Pacino ,though I haven't seen any of Steven's other movies but when you have such an amazing actor with you in the frame like AL Pacino its very tough to hold onto your own but Steven does that brilliantly.Michelle Pfeiffer looks as glamorous and beautiful as ever.She does complete justice to the character of Elvira whether its the glamorous Elvira or the heavily addicted and shattered Elvira.Each and every character is so convincing and is aptly played by each actor .From Gina to Frank to Sosa to even Sosa's cruel aids everyone brings the character alive on to the screen.

The movie depicts the rise and fall of Tony Montana a gangster so movie had to have a great deal of action and violence and it does not disappoints .The dialogues played an important part in bringing out the characters and are very well written.I really liked the climax of the movie and specially the ending shot when Montana fights and dies.Al Pacino is so amazing in the movie that I even felt pity for the man during the last 15-20 minutes of the movie.

I loved the movie and have to say each time I watch Al Pacino on screen I am just awe struck by the actors dedication and his acting skills.A must watch even if your are not a big fan of Al Pacino and you havent seen Godfather or any of his early work coz after you watch this I would have 4 words for you "Welcome to the Club" .

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