Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scent of a Woman (1992)

Stars: Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, James Rebhorn, Gabrielle Anwar, and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Director :Martin Brest

When a great actor gets in the shoes of well carved out character then be sure you are in for one of your finest movie experience.Al Pacino just takes the acting business to whole lot of new levels whenever he gets a really well written author driven role and this one is no different.

Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell)is a student at a well reputed school and is one of the few students on scholarship coming from a modest background.He needs money for traveling home on Christmas ,so he decides to apply for Thanks Giving job .He meets his employer for the weekend who takes him to meet Lt.Colonel Frank Slade(Al Pacino),the guy Charlie would be taking care of for the weekend.Charlie takes up the job though initial meeting with Frank really scared him.Back at school Charlie gets into trouble for being an eyewitness to a prank on the headmaster and he is summoned by the headmaster and is offered Harvard as reward on telling the names or expulsion in case of not giving the names.

Colonel Frank is a retired from U.S. Army but still to get out of that feeling .On the weekend as soon as the family of Colonel Frank leaves for vacation ,he orders Charlie to pack his luggage as he will be leaving for New York and so would Charlie with him.What happens during the trip ,which transforms the Colonel and also the outlook of Charlie towards life is what movie is all about.You need to see it to really feel the movie along with the story.But I assure you its worth the time.

Whichever movie it has been if it stars Al Pacino it will have something for you.Scent of a Woman has more than that something.Al Pacino delivering one of his finest monologues ,bringing that psychic experience once again alive and giving one of his most brilliant performance.As the blind retired Colonel Pacino comes across as a hard hitting no bullshit army men during the first half and when he does that he just blows me out and during the later half as the broken man with no will to live he made me feel for him.Al Pacino you cant find a finer master of the art of acting ,even if you can you can count them on the finger tips and he finds a place right at the top among those men.One of the most impressive thing about his performance was he made me believe he was blind ,his eyes just pointing in one direction always and I am sure it must have been hard ,not being aware of your surroundings and he does that par excellence.

Chris O'Donnell as Charlie is lovable ,he is cute and I fell had the right kind of looks charm and innocence for the character.He brings that free flowing young energy to make it complete.He was marvelous ,coz standing up to Al Pacino is no joke and he does that brilliantly.Mr.Hoffman as George is again good ,its hard imagine the potential and class he has from this small role but you do see a glimpse of that greatness as an actor that he has achieved today.

The movie had some great dialogues and long monologues which when came from AL Pacino left me wondering what the shit is out there that this man can't deliver and handle.Some of them were really funny and gave those moments of laugh too.The script wasn't great but when you got a truck load of talent in an actor he can make that look brilliant on screen.

Its a treat for any and every Pacino fan and a must watch for any rare one;s not his fan yet.

Plus :Al Pacino's Academy Award winning performance and some decent dailogues.

Minus :Bit of drags in middle .

Rating :8.5/10

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