Monday, December 28, 2009

Seabiscuit (2003)

Stars :Tobey Maguire,Jeff Bridges,Chris Cooper,Elizabeth Banks,Gary Stevens.

Director :Gary Ross

When we are down ,all we need is an inspiration and when it comes from unexpected quarters then it has a larger impact.Seabiscuit is one such story of fall and rise of a horse who inspired the whole of America during the great depression and changed the lives of three people forever.

Tom Smith(Chris Cooper)is a horse trainer with compassion and passion for his subjects or students .He is homeless and is noticed by Charles S. Howard(Jeff Bridges)while Tom is trying to control a horse .He offers Smith the job to train the horses of his newly acquired stable.Tom is looking to find a jockey for Seabiscuit but none of the jockey is able to control the wild small framed horse.Tom notices a stable boy Red(Tobey Maguire)a part time boxer who has lost his one eye to boxing and seeing the almost resemblance in character with that of Seabiscuit he asks Red to be Seabiscuits jockey.Seabiscuit foaled in May 1933 is let go by his owner because of his small frame and slowly the horse due to lack of training and care at his new stable turns into a lazy horse.But under the able eyes of Tom ,compassion and passion of Charles and with Red on his back Seabiscuit turns the tide.He is able to turn himself into one of the most successful race horse in the history and even winning what was dubbed as the race of century against a more powerful and well build horse "War Admiral".The small frame and underdog status of Seabiscuit inspired America suffering from the great depression.This journey of three men and a horse from bottom to the top is "Seabiscuit".

The story being a true story was my first reason to watch the movie.Watching an inspiring true story is always a pleasure.Seabiscuit was almost a perfect movie for me.The real hero of the movie for me were the horse and the writers.The story is emotional ,inspirational and above all is so beautifully adapted for the screen.The direction of Gary Ross is superb from the muddy race tracks to the lush green meadows ,from the emotional and physical break down of the characters to the resurgence of the fallen ,he is able to bring each and every emotion and moment alive on the screen.The credit for me also goes to the Cinematographer of the movie for brilliant work.

The performances were equally great,specially Chris Cooper, he has been portraying these subtle and so intense characters for so long but I think this was one of his finest performances.Tobey was great too ,was really good to see Tobey without a mask and not flying. He pulled off a great performance as Red Pollard ,he was natural and looked really into the character.Jeff Bridges delivers a fine performance as Charles ,it was very well written and a positive character and Jeff does full justice to what the character demanded.The other support cast as Elizabeth Banks as Marcela and Gary Stevens as George Woolf did a commendable job.Above all the actors the stand out performance was from the horse.Watching him run and specially during his final accelerations in the race was exceptional and really well captured.

Seabiscuit is a movie with heart and it amazes me how a horse can uplift the hopes of a country during one of the worst times in its history .The thought of a horse getting inspire by looking into the eyes of a competitor is so awesome and for me was one of the best moments of the movie.The more amazing thing is that this is a true story so it actually happened.Hats off to Gary Ross and the cast of Seabiscuit for bringing the legend on the screen.

One of the better movies involving sports and if you really want to go for a good movie "Seabiscuit" would be a fine choice.

Plus:Brilliant performances,Excellent direction and truly inspiring story.

Minus : No reasons.

Rating :8/10

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