Monday, December 7, 2009

The Ugly Truth(2009)

Stars:Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler

Another romantic comedy ,I sometimes wonder where does the humor lies in these movies.A romantic comedy always has romance for sure but comedy needs a deeper search.

Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is an award winning TV producer in Sacramento, California .Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler)is a host of an extremely popular local channel show "The Ugly Truth".Abby happens to watch the show one night and has a little heated conversation with Mike about what man look in women over the phone.She hates his guts and to her surprise and disgust Mike is hired by her TV channel to present the show "The Ugly Truth" for them.Mike helps Abby get the man she likes and in the process they both fall in love.The Ugly Truth is their journey from hate to love.

Katherine Heigl looks stunning ,she is as beautiful as always .You can go for a movie to just stare as this amazing beauty.She delivers a performance that didnt made her character look bad or excellent.She was upto the task.Gerard Butler ,what can I say,its his third movie I have seen after "300".It would not be right to expect a "300" performance from him every time he walk on the screen.He does his job well enough.I have to say though he didnt looked like someone you can easily fall for and may be that was how his character was written.The chemistry between Heigl and Butler is no sparkling or magical but yeah it works out fine enough for the movie.The supporting cast of Eric Winter as Colin Anderson ,the guy Abby falls for in the first place and Bree Turner as Joy, assistant to Abby are good and do their jobs as expected.I have to say I really liked Bree Turner as Joy ,she looked very cute.

There are hardly any new angles or new takes presented on the man-woman relationship.The dialogues though not extremely funny but yeah they are not too bad too.The movies does not has a single funny moment but yeah there are moments that make you smile a bit.I have to mention the ending though predictable but was shot really well.The last scene in the hot air balloon and so many balloons around ,I feel was very romantic.

The movies is neither bad nor extremely good ,its a movie you can watch on any afternoon if you don't find anything else to do.I felt the movie was ok and went to bed with a smile on my face.

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