Thursday, December 10, 2009


Stars:Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright Penn and Spencer Treat Clark

If there were awards for the best thought behind a movie I think this one would have definitely been in contention.Another one of the thriller genre from the mind of director M.Night Shyamalan .I think after sixth sense this was his best work.

The plot revolves around David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson).Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) was born with a type I osteogenesis imperfecta a very rare disease that makes the bones extremely weak .Since he was mostly bedridden during his childhood ,comics became his partner .The guy is fascinated by them and tries to find meaning of his existence through these comics.
David on the other hand is a security officer and is seeking a reason for his existence just like Elijah.David has a son Joseph(Spencer Treat Clark)and a wife Audery(Robin Wright Penn)the family is going through a rough patch,this also adds to David's non excitement towards life. David becomes the sole survivor of a terrible train mishap and is contacted by Elijah .Elijah tries to convince David that if Elijah is one of the fragile kind of human then there has to be someone completely opposite to him ,who is indestructible ,a kind on whom comic superheroes are written and Elijah thinks David is the one.Though Davids rubbishes the claims of Elijah but slowly he realizes that probably Elijah is correct.

The great thing about this movie is the script of the movie.The thought behind the movie is really amazing.It reflects that man can find meaning in every and anything just like Elijah.The movie portrays the universal truth of "Good and Evil coexist and completes the purpose of other ones existence" with such amazing brilliance that its impossible to get up and move between the movie.The way the characters in real life are compared to those in comics is just exceptional.

The acting was undoubtedly brilliant.Both the leads are seasoned actors and each one of them delivers a power performance.Samuel Jackson expresses the feelings of Elijah's quest for a meaning in life brilliantly.In the end where Elijah finally finds a reason for his existence Samuel really comes up with perfect timing and expressions.Bruce Willis again comes up with an visually enthralling performance.His character is developed quite well and he lives every bit of it with near perfection.
The supporting cast of Robin Wright Penn as David's wife Audrey and Spencer Treat Clark as Joseph David's son is also good.

Direction by Shyamalan is really brilliant specially in the scenes between Elijah and David and in one scene between David and his son Joseph where they try to test the strength of David.I think Shyamalan was just led down by a rather subtle ending as compared to the whole movie.

The movie is just brilliant and if really like thrillers and Bruce Willis must see for you.

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