Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Under The Tuscan Sun(2003)

Stars:Diane Lane , Sandra Oh , Lindsay Duncan

The movie is another real life experience based movie and when the movie is well made you just feel WOW what a life.The same is with our "Under The Tuscan Sun".

The plot revolves around the life of Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) a writer form San Francisco.She has a slightly successful career and is married happily .Until one day she comes to know about the adultery of her husband ,she gets a divorce losses her house and is deeply hurt.She has the support of her lesbian friend Patti(Sandra Oh) who is pregnant and liver with her partner Grace (Kate Walsh).She moves into a lousy building with a crying heart broken writer as neighbour and a sleeping pill distributing Doctor on the floor above.Frances is depressed so her friend Patti gives her an offer to go on a gay tour to Tuscany which earlier Patti and Grace have planned for themselves but due to Patti's pregnancy decided not to and offer it to Frances.After some initial inhibition Frances accepts the offer and moves to Tuscany on a 10 day tour.

Tuscany a beautiful town in Italy bedazzles Frances with its natural beauty and she finds herself completely lost in the streets of the city and starts to get a breather out in the city.She looks at a sale board with a ad for a Villa on sale ,she just says she is a tourist when asked whether she would like to buy Villa.While moving from the city her tour bus stops in front of the Villa and seeing this she gets down and in strange manner she buys the Villa.

The villa needs renovation so she hires a polish group to do the work.She becomes friendly with her neighbours and slowly starts sharing a bond with the polish workers at her house.She starts living again and enjoying her life ,even finds love .She meets Marcello(Raoul Bova) and falls in love with him.Her friend Patti arrives in Tuscany when Grace her partner runs of sighting she doesn't wants to be a mother.So Patti being pregnant Frances devotes her time to her and in this her bond with Marcello suffers.She is almost shattered when she finds out Marcello couldn't wait and has got married.Devastated Frances cries out loud with fear of never being able to find real happiness.At this very moment she is saved by a young couple her neighbours daughter Chiara and one of hired worker Pawel.They seek her help in getting married ,she helps them and takes Pawel as her family.The weeding of Pawel and Chiara takes place in her villa lawn and at this very moment she realizes she has everything she ever wished for a family a, wedding in her lawn and she feels relieved and contended.At the end she meets another American writer and she finds love again.

Describing the inner feelings is an art because at any given moment the person experiences so many emotions together ,which ones to write about and which ones to leave is great art and to take these emotions to next level is a better form of expression and creative brilliance.During the movie I could really feel what Frances might have gone through each moment.Sweet moments like when she writes a postcard for her tour mate and the most beautiful one the workers are done and about to leave,are some that really touch you.

Diane gives a splendid performance and she ably supported by the other members of the cast.Diane is able to showcase each and every emotion in the very raw form as the writer might have felt in the real life.I really liked the bonding part and the scenes of her with her workers.

The real asset of the movie is the location itself .The beauty of Tuscany just pulls you in the movie and leaves you with a craving for the place.The director Audery Wells deserves a full credit for exploiting the beauty of the place and etching out a world everyone would love to be a part of .Everything about the place is magical right from Fances Villa to the streets to the fountain and the long stretches of sunflower and tulip.

I just loved the movie for its real emotions and the scenic beauty of the place Tuscany.

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