Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As Good as It Gets (1997)

Stars : Jack Nicholson,Helen Hunt,Greg Kinnear.

Director : James L. Brooks.

As Good as It Gets is a simple predictable romantic comedy but what up lifts the movie are the performances and some fine writing.

Melvin Udall is a successful romantic writer but contrary to his work he is more of a racist misanthrope in real life, who lives all alone .He has a gay artist Simon for a neighbor and Melvin hates Simon's dog Vendall.Melvin has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) which coupled with with his misanthropic lifestyle makes him a pain for the general public.Melvin has a habit of having lunch in a nearby cafe and every person who either eats there or works hates Melvin except one Carol Connelly a waitress.Carol not only tolerates Melvin's behavior but Melvin also develops an interest in Carol.Carol is a single mother who's son Spencer is suffering from acute case of Asthma.One day Simon is beaten up by his male model and friends which forces Melvin to keep Simon's dog with him for a while.Slowly Melvin develops a liking for the dog.Melvin also takes care of Spencer's ailment by sending a doctor to Carol's house so that she can work at the cafe n Melvin can have his lunch.Slowly the presence of Simon and Carol starts a change in Melvin and what happens between Melvin Carol and Simon is what the movie is all about.

The first impression of the movie is yet another freak movie where a guy finds a girl and the girl's love changes the man.But "As Good as It Gets" was different,the story is almost the same n predictable but the treatment by director,superb performances and some very fine dialogues make the movie a stand out from the rest.I have to say the dialogues were simply amazing and were largely responsible for me liking the movie so much.The situations created by the writer were almost as seen in every other romantic comedy but the dialogues coupled with some brilliant acting display by the leads make it a more memorable movie.

Performances from Jack Nicholson ,Helen Hunt are fantastic.Jack Nicholson has always been known for playing these psycho characters but the touch of comedy and romance make this one special.His performance as a man suffering from OCD is quite a good one.Small -small things such as his walk on the way to cafe ,his habit of locking the door ,wearing his shoes all sum up to help the character look very real.Jack's performance was brilliant and his timing and expressions in the romantic moments are just superb.This sure was an Oscar worthy performance from him.

Helen Hunt looks equally brilliant and stunning as Carol.Her expressions in almost every situation in the movie are nearly perfect.Her struggle with her life is beautifully brought out by Helen Hunt in the scene where Carol breaks down while writing a thank you note for Melvin.I felt her eyes spoke a lot in the romantic sequences specially two of them.The one in the hotel and the other at the end of the movie.Greg Kinnear in his supporting role does a fine job ,he actually plays a subtle character but has a big impact on the way the movie moves forward and really brings more depth to character of not only Simon but Melvin too.

The dialogues specially whenever Melvin expresses his love for Carol as compliments are brilliant.There are two moments in the movie that felt magical to me and each one had Jack Nicholson paying a compliment to Carol.The movie was fabulous for me because of those two moments.The movie is predictable but is highly enjoyable.The movie is very romantic in its own silly and funny way.

Plus :Performance by the leads,great dialogues .

Minus :Predictable Story

Rating :8/10

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