Monday, January 4, 2010

Avatar (2009)

Stars :Sam Worthington, Zoe SaldaƱa, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang.

Director :James Cameron.

Imagination, is there a limit to it ?What will happen if we could bring those imaginations to life?.All the answers to these questions can be found in James Cameron's magnificent creation "Avatar".

The story is set in year 2154 ,humans have reached a distant planet Pandora and are digging it up in search of sources of energy and actually they have found one and are now bound to intensify their operations.Na'vi the tall, strong and blue colored nature loving native inhabitants of Pandora are resisting this human expansion.They fear the destruction of their race and Pandora's ecosystem.The humans have successfully created a genetically engineered body using human and Na'vi cells called "Avatar".The Human mind controls the Avatar's and these Avatar's are sent into the jungles to find,interact and to get information about and from the Na'vi.Their real mission is to convince the Na'vi to move out of their current place of residence as its directly upon the material the humans want to mine out.

Jake Sully is one such ex-Marine recruited for the job.His Avatar is send in initially as bodyguard to Dr. Grace Augustine on her outdoor trips.Jake is able to make contact with one of the Na'vis' Neytiri,who rescues him from dangerous creatures of the jungle. She takes him to her village where she is asked by the holy lady of the tribe to take Jake in and train him in their traditions and customs.Jake falls in love with Neytiri and the Na'vi way of life.Jake starts questioning his real mission as Avatar and starts getting at odds with the commander.The commander seeing Jake's failure at convincing the Na'vi ,orders the use of fire power on the village.Jake decides to stand against the mission and joins hands with Na'vi.He is able to gather an army for the Na'vi and fights a battle against the humans.Human's are defeated and are forced to leave Pandora ,while Jake stays behind to start his life as the Avatar with the tribe and his wife Neytiri.

The story isn't a surprise element and that's not what I went to see the movie for.I can guarantee that what you would see in Avatar is way beyond what we could have ever imagined and it will just blow your brains out.The world created by James Cameron is magnificent,brilliant and absolutely fantastic.Each and every thing that was on screen made me wonder about the extent of human imagination and the human capability of making imaginations a reality.Everything right from the small insects, jungle creatures to the Pandora tribe everything left me in an awe.I have to bow to the magician who waited 10 years for the technology and after watching the final movie he would have also felt it was all worth.

The story isn't great but the camera work is amazing.I liked the thought of energy being transferred and never being destroyed.The thought of nature binding everything and even the tree's interacting was brilliant.I felt that movie had a subtle message too towards the deteriorating condition of our ecosystem and nature.The thought of bonding with nature, animals and almost everything through the mind by connecting those small tentacles was something that I felt was really exceptional.There were some moments in the movie that were a gem ,like Jake getting his first flying dragon like creature or the moment he first visits the place of the holy ancestors, the first look at those suspended mountains, the breathtaking action sequences ,I can go on and on.James Cameron has pulled of an extraordinary movie ,he has kept every minutest detail in mind while creating his fantasy land.Even the grass glows at night and the intensity of glow increases as you step on it.The story seems to drag a bit but who cares because I went to see the magic show not the sidekicks.

Everything on Pandora glows and the same glow was visible on the audience face after the movie,I don't think there was even a single person who came out of the theater and wasn't dazzled by the magic of James Cameron's "Avatar".

Plus :Excellent effects probably best we will ever see.Respect the maestro and heights of human imagination.

Minus :If you are looking for a great story epic instead of enjoying and floating in fantasy land.

Rating :8.5/10

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