Saturday, January 2, 2010

An Englishman in New York (2009)

Stars :John Hurt,Denis o'Hare,Cynthia Nixon,Jonathan Tucker.

Director :Richard Laxton

An Englishman in New York was the last movie I saw in 2009 and what a perfect end to a wonderful year.A real life figure who was inspiring , gave hope and courage to countless number of people, meeting him on the new year's eve was a great conclusion to the passing year.

Quentin Crisp's years in the city of New York were the basic backdrop of the movie.His tryst with the new world , his adaptation and struggle with the new generation is what is depicted in the movie.

Quentin Crisp a gay icon who inspired a huge number of homosexuals across the world to come out in the light with first screen adaptation of his autobiography "The Naked Civil Servant" is brought alive again on the screen by John Hurt in this movie.I haven't seen "The Naked Civil Servant " but after watching this movie I am dying to see it .John Hurt reprises his role as Quentin Crisp and what a performance.He brings the character's mannerism and style brilliant on the screen.John's performance was touching and he really made me wonder if he could do this at this age what he would have done in "The Naked Civil Servant".The other members of the cast were exceptional too and added to the beauty of the movie.Denis as Philip , Crisps friend and an editor of a gay magazine was great.His affection for Crisp was evidently visible on the screen .Jonathan Tucker's portrayal of Patrick Angus was the second most brilliant performance after John's.The fear ,anguish and shyness of Patrick's character were exceptionally brought forward by Jonathan.

The story of Quentin Crisp gives a great insight into life and I was really inspired by the man's outlook towards life.The humorous dialogues and a decent direction effort make the movie a fine experience.The monologues and interaction of Quentin with his audience are really funny and sometimes really give a thinking point.

The performance by John Hurt is really splendid and for me a great reason to watch the movie.If you haven't seen the "The Naked Civil Servant" I would suggest to know and read a bit about Quentin Crisp first and then watch the movie.Even if you don't its fine coz John Hurt's performance will itself make you do that and know about the person who had the courage to stand alone against a large hostile section of society and still reflect a smile and compassion in response of all the hatred he received.

Plus :John Hurt's and Jonathan Tucker's performances,some witty line and a look into Quentin Crisp's life.

Minus :A slow adaptation for Screen

Rating :7.5/10

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good points and the details are more precise than elsewhere, thanks.

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