Friday, January 22, 2010

Goal (2005)

Stars : Kuno Beckar, Alessandro Nivola, Stephen Dillane, Marcel Iuress.

Director : Danny Cannon.

Being a sports buff, sports movies have always been on my high priority must watch list. "Goal" had been there for sometime and finally I was able to see it. A very sincere and highly appreciable effort that made me very happy. It was really a pleasure to watch a football movie atlast.

Santiago Munez a Mexican immigrant who lives in America with his father brother and grandmother.Football is his life and he dreams of playing for a professional club one day. A dream that is highly disapproved by his father who runs a small business and wants Santi to take care off.On one local match day Santi meets Glen a former Newcastle United Football Club star and scout ,who feels Santi has got the skills and talent to make it big in the game.He arranges a trial for him with Newcastle and asks Santi to fly to England to take a shot at it. Despite his father's disaproval Santi flies to England and what unfolds next is what the story is about.

The highlight of the movie is the direction and the camera work. The movie had the support of International Federation of Association Football (FIFA)so to see some greats of the game on screen was great too.The way the movie has been shot is really great ,the atmosphere ,the tension and the game all have been captured brilliantly ,feels like you are actually watching a game.The way football has touched millions and improved life of thousands is very much visible through the story. The story is predictable but the essence lies in the way story is woven around the game.Here the best part is the game is not just a part of the story but the story is a small reflection of the power of this game.

The performances are fine and so are the dialogues ,some of them old cliche's but their timing is almost perfect.Kuno Beckar as Santiago Munez looks good ,he has the physique of a footballer and seems pretty convincing.The star performer for me was Alessandro Nivola as Gevin Harris a star footballer at the club. Nivola is great in his part and brings that rich spoil sports star almost alive on the screen. He is high on energy ,never lacks that enthusiasm and helps the movies pace with his performance.Marcel Iuress as the manager of the club does a fine job. He looks considerate ,strict at times and suits perfectly to the character .He has some decent lines and scenes with Santi which really play an important role in bringing the real feel of the movies out.

Overall a nice movie with some brilliant scenes and decent performances.If you are a football fanatic as me then its a must watch for you.I am a football fanatic so I loved it ,hope you like it as well.

Plus :Love the game then you will love it.Nice direction and camerawork.

Minus :A bit slow in parts .

Rating :8/10

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