Friday, January 15, 2010

L.A.Confidential (1997)

Stars :Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger, James Cromwell, Danny De Vito.

Director : Curtis Hanson.

After watching a lot of romantic comedies and sci-fi movies I was looking for some crime drama and "L.A.Confidential" was almost the perfect one I was looking for.The movie is based on novel of the same name title "L.A.Confidential" by James Ellory.

The story is set in L.A. and revolves around the corruption, glamor and politics in the Los Anegles Police Department(LAPD).The main characters in the movie are three cops ,each depicting a different face of the LAPD.There is Det. Lt. Edmund Jennings "Ed" Exley who is honest to his duty and lives by the rules ,Officer Wendell "Bud" White a strong willed and slightly hot headed officer who has his integrity intact but is aware of the games of the department .The third is Det. Sgt. Jack Vincennes a glamor struck cop who looks for stories and is fully aware of political games and the corruption.The three are involved in an investigation case of multiple murder at the Nite Owl coffee shop which includes a cop among the dead.What is the secret and how are they able to untangle the whole story is what the movie is all about.

A crime drama needs high intensity from its actors and "L.A.Confidential" is high on intensity and performances.The characters are well etched out and their portrayal is equally brilliant .Russell Crowe for me was the standout performer ,may be it was more coz of his character but his performance was a high impact one.Russell Crowe as an emotional cop Bud ,highly motivated by his past experience comes out sharp and the pain in Bud's heart is brought out well by Crowe. Kevin Spacey is great as Jack Vincennes and the cunningness in the character was evidently visible through his subtle grins.Danny De Vito had a small but important role and I felt he was superb.His character was shrewd and highly money minded ,Danny gives the character the look and expressions required.Guy as Exley was good ,he was intense and brought the feeling of honest cop well to the screen.The movie gets able support from other artists who are equaly good in their small roles.

A crime drama is highly dependent on a tight script and "L.A.Confidential " had a really well written script.The movie is never short on drama and keeps you tied to the seat.Some accurate direction and few nice twists keep you to the edge.The movie never lacks pace and not even once it leaks out the whole plot.The script is aided by some fine dialogues and sharp editing.

The plot is the star and is ably supported by the cast.If you are looking for a high octane crime drama "L.A.Confidential" is the perfect one,don't miss it ,its one of the best in the genre.

Plus :Excellent Script ,tight direction and brilliant performance.

Minus :Probably None.

Rating :9/10

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