Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love Actually (2003)

Stars : Hugh Grant,Liam Neeson ,Ema Thompson ,Colin Firth,Laura Linney,Keira Knightly,Alan Rickman.

Director :Richard Curtis.

Love? People have been trying to define it for years and if you could confine it to some definition then the magic might have been lost.Love Actually is all about love actually.

A tale of love woven with in which are ten love stories and all reflecting different courses that love takes us through.Each story presenting people in different situations and each story conveying the fact that love is all around all you need is to reach out with your hands stretched.Some stories end in despair but yes the love still touches us and if we hold on its here to stay.The movie showing different forms that love takes ,a mother's love ,a sister's love , a friend's love ,it can be in any form but yes it is there.It really touches you through some of the stories.

The movie had 10 stories so the list of actors is huge.There were few really lovely performances from the cast that stood out for me.Emma Thompson as Karen was superb.She gives a fine performance as a British homemaker who scarifies everything to keep her family together.Love of a mother for her children overpowers a wife's agony.Laura Linny as Sarah touched my heart.Her portrayal of emotions was really poignant.She is in love with one of her colleagues and when finally she is in the arms of her dream man ,a single call from her sick brother is enough for the love of a sister to overpower the biggest moment in her life. Thomas Sangster as Liam Nessons stepson Sam is brilliant.The kid is funny and really bright in his role.Gregor Fisher as the manager of a Rock king from past his prime is great ,though his role is small one but really well carved out.Andrew Lincoln as Mark form the story of Juliet ,Peter and Mark was amazing.He speaks a little through out but brings out the emotion really well.His eyes spoke for him.Rest of the cast is good too in their respective characters specially Hugh Grant who is charming as ever .

The movie for me was wonderful ,really a beautiful representation of the most beautiful emotion in the world Love. Every story had a distinct charm to it and I felt the writers have done an exceptional job in keeping the movie neat coz with 10 stories it could have been one ugly mess. Its hard to decide which one I liked the most coz each one was touching a different aspect of love.But The stories that really touched me were two.The story of "Juliet ,Peter and Mark " a story of untold love and sacrifices and the story of " David and Natalie " a love story beyond the barriers of social status.There are some scenes in the movie that I felt were a real delight ,the marriage of Keira Knightly was exceptional and was so romantic ,I feel one of the best screen marriages.The interactions between Liam Neeson and his son is funny and cute.Similar goes with the story of Colin Firth and his maid .Though the story with Hugh Grant as David PM of U.K. and Martine McCutcheon as Natalie a member of his household staff looks a bit too fictional but I felt was the most human.

The movie is a 130 minutes rain of love and laughter and I was happy that I got drenched .There are so many things that I loved actually ,so many scenes that were absolutely brilliant ,I would recommend that watch it coz it actually shows what Love actually is.

Plus :Some lovely stories,A neat screenplay and what else than Love.

Minus :A bit long but you wont feel it if you really feel the love in the movie

Rating :8.5/10

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