Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mamma Mia (2008)

Stars :Meryl Streep ,Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan SkarsgÄrd ,Amanda Seyfried.

Director :Phyllida Lloyd

Its usually unusual for me to sit through musicals but Mamma Mia was beautiful enough to keep me attached to the seat almost for the whole movie.

The story begins in a small island Kalokairi, somewhere in Greece.Sophie a 20 year old girl who is about to get married to love of her life Sky.Sophie lives with her mother Donna a bright lady ,who owns ,runs and manages a villa on the island and is a single mother.Sophie has never met or known her father but somehow she gets her hands on a diary that Donna kept in her younger years .She reads about Donna's life and finds out about three men ,anyone of whom could be her father. She sends invite to all three men believing that she would instantly realize who out of the three is her father but keeps this a secret from her mom Donna.When the men arrive she gets confused and is hardly able to figure about her father.On seeing the men at her Villa Donna goes into a state of panic and what happens next is what the movie is all about.

Meryl Streep one of the most gifted and brilliant performers of the modern era is exceptional as Donna.The movie is a musical so her singing and dancing skills at the age of 60 are also at test and I have to say she comes out with flying colors.She is amazing as single mother torn between love for her daughter and fear of her leaving after marriage.Her character also moves into a different shade when she meets all three men from her past.Her scene with her daughter Sophie played by Amanda when she dresses her for the wedding is a beautiful one.The emotions just flow from her face and even Amanda does well to keep her space.The pain from the past and fear is clearly visible on Meryl Streep's face when she meets Sam played by Brosnan at the end.The male artists are fine in their roles but I think Harry played by Colin Firth is a standout.He is confused,scared ,lonely and Colin brings it well on the screen.Stellan as Bill Anderson is fine as a writer and adventurous guy. The singing part of the male cast is not so likable as compared to the ladies and specially Brosnan is terrible in the song "SOS".Amanda looks cute and beautiful through out and does good as Sophie.She painted the screen pink when she ever she blushed or talked to the men about her life.

I feel musicals have to be careful with the quality of songs , singing and also about the pace of the movie.The music of Mamma Mia is fine and some of the songs are really beautiful but the pace of the movie is highly affected by them.In the middle part there are 2-3 songs one after another in continuation and they slightly got on to my nerves as they were not at all that good.Out of all the songs the most notable and likable songs for me were "Honey ,Honey ","Our Last Summer",Slipping Through My Fingers" ,the last two songs "Winner takes it all " and "When All Is Said and Done".The other songs are fine and hummable as well.The movie is funny too and I felt a instant liking for the character of Donna and Sophie.The movie also needed a very romantic location and I was highly impressed by the camerawork.The beauty of the location is nicely captured and used in the movie.

The movie can also be called as Meryl Magic for me .The movie is likable and a bit refreshing but is a too long and lacks a bit of pace.

Plus :Meryl Streep's performance,few really nice songs and a decent ensemble of actors.

Minus :Lacks pace and few songs were really not needed.

Rating :7/10

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