Monday, February 1, 2010

Serpico (1973)

Stars : Al Pacino.

Director : Sidney Lumet.

Al Pacino and Sidney Lumet pair has given some remarkable movies and Serpico is surely one of the best from the pair.

Frank Serpico a new patrolman in the New York City Police Department(NYPD) is unable to stand the corruption prevailing in the department ,he is frustrated and highly disturbed by it. He wants to stop this practice and decides to act by going to authorities.The movie is about Serpico's quest and struggle to bring this widespread corruption front and wipe it out.He becomes an undercover agent and fights for the truth to be revealed even if it involves putting his own life at stake.

Al Pacino is one of the very few actors who does not acts in a movie, actually he lives that character he becomes the character.The same is visible in Serpico, he is not Al Pacino in the movie but actually every inch Serpico.The way he walks ,the way he talks ,his clothing style everything makes him just perfect.Al Pacino is brilliant in every scene ,specially the scenes where he takes out is frustrations and anguish.The supporting actors have played a very important role too.The whole set up looks great and the tension between Serpico and rest of the department can be felt throughout.Whats more interesting is the way the characters have been etched out,each distinctive and having a different view on the corruption.

Presenting a real life character on screen is tough and Sidney Lumet is one of the rare kinds who make it look easy every time.Story in itself is appealing ,and the presentation makes it more appealing . I feel this one is a movie but thinking about the guts ,integrity ,the humiliation and the frustration in real life that Frank Serpico had to face gives me real bumps .

Overall the movie is very beautifully directed ,beautifully written and superbly enacted.You just have to be patient to really get a sense of the movie.Must watch if you are an AlPacino fan.

Plus :Story,Al Pacino's performance and Sidney Lumet's direction.

Minus :Since its a real life story so it would not be right to comment on it.

Rating :8/10

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