Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up in the Air (2009)

Stars : George Clooney ,Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick.

Director : Jason Reitman.

There are so many things in life that are so sad ,that the moment you hear about it happening to a person you feel sorry for him.Being fired from the job is one of them and to make a movie loosely based around the life of someone who's profession is to fire people I feel is amazing .

Ryan Bingham has a fast track life ,lives out of his suitcase and loves flying.He works as a downsizing professional,travels around the country laying off employees for corporations where the bosses don't have the balls to do it themselves. Ryan loves his life ,with no strings attached ,has a personal goal of flying 10 million miles and on one such trip he meets a fellow frequent flier Alex.The two instantly hit it off ,start enjoying each others company.Natalie a young colleague of Ryan has a plan to downsize the company expenditure by doing the layoffs via Internet.Ryan is very disturbed by the idea but accepts it to be put into testing.Natalie accompanies Ryan on one of his field trips .Ryan guides her about how to conduct oneself and how to keep the personal out of professional.Natalie is sensitive and highly disapproves of Ryan's philosophy of life.They meet Alex at one of their stopovers and the three have a good time .That's where Natalie question's Ryan about being in a relation with Alex ,which actually kindles the thought about settling in Ryan's head .What happens next and in between is the story all about.

George Clooney's performance as Ryan and Anna Kendrick's portrayal of Natalie are the highlights of the movie. Mr.Clooney looks fresh and charming while doing one of the toughest jobs on earth. He is diplomatic, manipulative and yet comes out as the character I felt a sympathy for. He is workaholic and suave but the way he is left alone by the time movie ends ,kind of resembles a life that most of the people are living today .Anna as Natalie a young, dynamic ,goal oriented yet a 21 year old girl is cute and gives that hard outside and soft within performance brilliantly. She is someone who resembles the youth ,ambitious ,hard working but still young who have a life to live and a world to discover.

The script writer is the unsung hero of the movie .The way the movie flows from one aspect of human relations and emotions to another is meticulous .The credit for me also goes to Mr. Reitman for dealing sensibly with a sensitive topic ,specially in a time like this.He neither went overboard nor underplayed it .The last scene in the movie actually sums up the whole idea and the movie when Ryan standing at the airport looking for his next destination ,subtly lets us know that ,that the journey never ends ,keep walking you will find a destination.

A perfectly timed movie with some excellent writing and brilliant performances.

Plus : Script,George Clooney and Anna Kendrick.

Minus : Couldn't find one but if there are can be ignored

Rating :8.5/10

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