Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (2007)

Stars : Dustin Hoffman , Natalie Portman ,Jason Bateman , Zach Mills.

Director : Zach Helm

Why is it that we have lost that sense of being illogical or rather not looking for a rational explanation for everything ? where are those days when we used to believe in magic , thought everything is possible ?.When something new always aroused that curiosity? This movie is the one that takes you back to those golden days for sometime .

Mr.Magorium is a toy maker ,who has created a magical toy store where every toy actually moves . Mr.Magorium according to him is 204 yrs old and has made toys for the various elite of the society. Molly Mahoney once considered a child prodigy in piano is his store manager .She is burdened by the expectations the world had from her and the regret of not fulfilling her potential.The store has one regular customer Eric ,who has no friends except Mahoney . Mahoney and Eric both are like family to Mr.Magorium.

Suddenly one day Mr.Magorium announces that its time he should leave the world and hires an accountant Henry Weston ,who is a total workaholic and that's why a bit unpopular initially among the customers ,Mahoney and Eric to value his assets and put his paperwork in right shape before he handovers the store to Mahoney. The last few days of Mr.Magorium , Mahoney's struggle with herself and the discovery of self belief in her is what the story is all about.

There is not a single doubt about the acting powers of Mr.Hoffman and in this one is he reiterates why he is such a respected performer.The way he speaks that lisp , the way he walks and the way he literally lights up the screen ever time he is in the frame is beautiful .His character is lovable ,adorable and so so cute ,that you are bound to like it.I certainly did ,that innocence of his character is really poignant .Natalie Portman I believe one of the most beautiful looking ladies on screen is good as Molly Mahoney. Her character is soft , sometimes broken within and very adorable and Natalie actually imparts that innocence of hers to the character which makes it utter pleasure to watch . The real star for me in the movie is the character of Eric played by Zach Mills , he is cute ,sweet and has so much belief in the everything that's there in the emporium. He is the one whose strong belief still brings that hope even when everything looks bleak. Zach as Eric is great ,those expressive eyes of his made me feel so really happy within and really don't know why.

The movie is written with some very pure heart and innocence by Zach Helm and he maintains that innocence and purity in his direction as well .The movie is loaded with beautiful moments and fine writing . There some scenes that took me back to my childhood and made me think where have I lost that belief "that everything is possible" ,those days when I never used to think twice before attempting something new . There is a mention of Shakespeare's King Lear towards the end which i felt was a high point .The timing and the way Mr.Hoffman delivers those lines is just awesome . I have to say ,its a great job done by Mr.Zach Helm , first of all for thinking about such a sweet ,innocent and beautiful script and then living to it through his direction.

A must watch ,I loved it and hope you do too.Believe in magic once and sure you wont be disappointed.

Plus : Sweet story , very cute performances and just the shear delight of loosing that rationality once in a while .

Minus : The end could have been a bit better but its just fine.

Rating :8.5/10

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