Saturday, March 20, 2010


Stars : Ben Burtt , Elisa Knight ,Jeff Garlin.

Director :
Andrew Stanton.

There are not many movies that just fill your heart with a wonderful feeling of amazement and all you can do is marvel about the creative aspect of the movie long after watching it . For me Wall-E was one such creation and all I could end up doing after the movie was just feel a sense of amazement about the people behind it .

By the year 2105 Earth has turned into a garbage bin, all of human race and forms of life have almost vanished from the face of the earth. Only things visible are sky high towers of compressed garbage. Amongst this world of garbage is Wall-E, a robot who is last surviving among millions like it, designed to compress the garbage and make the earth cleaner and greener. Wall-E is a robot with somewhat artificial intelligence. Wall-E can feel, is excited when he sees bright light and loves to watch an old tape with people dancing and singing. He has a cockroach for company and lives in beautifully decorated Garbage bin. He has a fixed routine of getting out in the morning for work i.e to compress the garbage and in the evening watch the videotape.

On one such day a spaceship lands on earth and leaves behind another robot named "Eva",which is supposed to scan the earth for life forms, mainly plants. Actually due to over pollution of the earth surface the human race were forced to move to space, though it was supposed to be temporary arrangement but its been more than 700 years now. The moment Wall-E gets a glimpse of Eva, he falls in love with this beautiful robot. Eva scan's the area for the whole day and Wall-E keeps following her. At the end of the day as the sun sets Eva shuts down her power and waits for the spaceship to return. Wall-E though sacred of Eva initially decided to take her with him to the garbage bin. The rest of the movie revolves around the quest of Wall-E for his love Eva and the return of humankind to earth.

I have seen leading men doing various heroics, playing melodies and creating the most romantic sequences to woo their lady love but have never seen anyone follow their love into outer space. The idea of a robot's love story isn't that new but the thought of taking the love story beyond earth is superb. The story is fairly better than the normal animation movies and the background score I felt was probably one of the best. Each sound was so distinct and so accurate that I can only imagine of the hard work, time put behind it and salute the master Ben Burtt, the genius behind masterpieces as Star War series, E.T , Indian Jones and numerous others.

The director also deserves accolades, as the characters in this movie don't communicate through voices as in usual animations but only through robotic sounds and body movements and the way Stanton has handled it is just brilliant. I could not stop smiling through out the movie and even after it ended that smile lasted for hours. Wall-E is a masterpiece, arguably one of the best animation movies ever. The movie is filled with moments of cinematic and animation brilliance. There is a specific scene in space where Wall-E uses a fire-extinguisher to move around, for me in that sequence the background score, the animation effects together create one of the most romantic and visually appealing sequence in animations.

I would give full marks to Andrew Stanton and his team for creating such beautiful movie.

Plus : Everything about the movie is great.

Minus : Probably nothing

Rating : 9.5/10

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