Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Last Song (2010)

Stars :Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Liam Hemsworth.

Director : Julie anne Robinson.

There is always an attraction in movies which deal a father-son or a father-daughter relationships at least for me. Its one of the toughest subject to handle and though there have been 1000 attempts at this genre but hardly a few make it to their actual place, "The audiences heart" . I have always liked the work Greg Kinnear and the subject of the movie were the two reasons of my excitement towards the movie.

The story begins with Ronnie and her younger brother Jonah being dropped off at their father's house for summer. Jonah is young and enthusiastic at the chance of meeting his father but Ronnie has issues about the divorce between her father and mother, she still hasn't been able to forget and forgive her father about what had happened. Ronnie is an exceptional talent and used play Piano, she even got into Julliard but doesn't plays anymore.

Things start to brighten up for Ronnie as she meets Will and her summer also brightens up as meeting Will also leads to her coming closer to her father. One day the Ronnie finds out that her father is dying due to cancer. Her mother takes Jonah away after the summer but Ronnie stays to take care of her dad.

With thousands of attempt made at handling the complex and often fragile father-son or father daughter relationships its very hard for a director or a screenwriter to get away from Cliche's and bring about something new. The Last Song did had a couple of new things but mostly was the same old story. Miley is cute and as far as her acting goes she is OK. She does falters and is not very convincing in emotional scenes though looks good in few romantic sequences with Liam Hemsworth. The stand out performer for me in the movie was Jonah played by Bobby Coleman. He is able to bring out the joy, laughter, love, pain and innocent tears almost the full spectrum of emotions quite well on to the screen. Greg Has some decent scenes but I felt didn't had much to do. He is still good and lifts the movie a bit by his performance.

Director Julie and the screen writer should be given some credit for creating a new way for girls and guys to meet during summers. The sequence of the tortoise eggs was beautiful and had the appropriate amount of charm to make me fall for that. Rest everything was plain, very simple and nothing new I haven't seen before. Its not a good movie but yes a decent one to watch once if you do have some time to spare and nothing else to do.

Plus : A new sequence for summer hook-up of couples.

Minus : Nothing new .

Rating :6/10

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