Friday, June 18, 2010

Remember Me(2010)

Stars :Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Ruby Jerins.

Director : Allen Coulter

There are some movies that really draw us towards them, sometimes due to the cast, due to the music,legend attached or sometime just the trailers are amazing. Since I first saw the trailer of Remember Me I was eager to watch this one and after all the hype I did laid my hands on it and have to say wasn't disappointed.

The story revolves around colors of human emotion that we all have but always are either ashamed or afraid to admit i.e. fear of the world, fear of the past. Tyler Hawkins son of a rich businessman Charles Hawkins played by Pierce Brosnan, big brother to a creatively bright and socially aloof younger sister Caroline,played by Ruby Jerins and a guy who lives in and with books and according to his friends a guy the chicks dig. He believes in justice, believes in human capability, strength to revolutionize and bring a mass change. He meets a girl Ally who is a cops daughter and a witness to her own mothers murder on a subway 10 years ago. The movie is a fight between emotions of guilt, fear and love.

After watching Robert Pattinson as Edward in Twilight series I had high expectations from him and he didn't disappoint. He is great as Tyler Hawkins, a somewhat extension n a more humane expansion of Edward inTwilight. He brings that intensity of Tyler with ease on to the screen. We all have that rebellion inside us but a few are able to bring him out and Robert does extremely well here doing so. The relationship he shares with his sister Caroline is very beautiful n pure. The scenes between Robert n Ruby are so genuine and were a high point of this movie. Emilie plays Ally a girl who stays with her overprotective father and somewhere falls in love with Tyler. Its a small track which I didn't felt had an impact on the movie. Pierce Brosnan plays Tyler and Caroline's father who has time only for his work and that's what pains Tyler who blames his father for the suicide of his brother Micheal.

The script is simple and we have seen such complex relationship stories but what makes this movie stand out is the performance from Robert Pattinson , Ruby Jerins , direction and treatment of the subject. I will have to give credit to Allen Coulter for dealing scenes between Caroline and Tyler with the sensitivity and sweetness that was required. The scene between Tyler and his father, in his father's office is also brilliantly shot and the dialogues in spite being simple are effective. I liked the ending of the movie and the way it justifies the title of the movie.

Plus : Robert Pattinson , Ruby Jerins performances and some scenes between them.

Minus : Old story, the dialogues could have been better.

Rating : 7/10

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