Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ed Wood (1994)

Stars :Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Patricia Arquetta, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Directed By :Tim Burton.

Written By : Scott Anderson, Larry Karaszewski, Rudolph Grey (Nightmare  of Ecstasy).

There is a very thin line between madness and extreme passion and sometimes its very very hard to distinguish the two. What drives passion to level of madness is hard to define but one thing is for sure madness propelled by passion always echos in history. Ed Wood is a movie about one such man Edward Davis Wood, Jr.(October 10, 1924 – December 10, 1978) who never thought about that thin line between passion and madness.

 Ed Wood is the depiction of Edward Davis Wood's passion , zeal  for movie making and his special relation with Bela Lugosi. Ed Wood talks about his absurd, non conventional style of movie making and his search for mainstream success. The passion and true love for movies that made Edward believe that movie making is not about tiny details but always about the big picture. His obsession with Orson Welles "Citizen Kane" brings his true and pure love for movies to light.

Who could have been a better choice to play Edward Wood than Johnny Depp, the actor whose varied body of work reflects his passion, love and respect for movies. I haven't seen the real Ed Wood but I feel Johnny Depp was exceptional as Edward Woods the expressions, voice tone and the mannerism, WOW!. The way he kept those eyes wide and those lips with a plastic smile just amazing. He brought Ed Wood's  madness, passion, rustiness and desire to make movies splendidly onto the screen. The scene where Edward talks about his cross-dressing for the first time, sequence where he meets Lugosi for the first time, calls the studios for a job I mean in every scene Johnny Depp is brilliant. One of his best roles and performance. Depp received a Golden Globe Nomination and won London film critics award as the  actor of the year for his portrayal of Edward Wood Jr.

Martin Landau plays Bela Lugosi and what a performance. The scene where he shoots the last sequence for the "Bride of the Atom" or his attempt at suicide are just a few mentions of the brilliant work done by Martin Landau which brought him the Academy Award for Best Actor in a supporting role.  His slow walk, slightly bent back and those eyes really made me feel this guys was perfect for Dracula, a role that Mr. Bela Lugosi was famous for and probably that explains the brilliance of Martin Landau's performance. Rest of the supporting cast actually did very well, all of the actors looked a bit edgy on the screen and that's what was expected from them as Edwards crew wasn't a perfect group. I have to give special credit to make up team and production team of Ed Wood for keeping it so good and raw, which enhanced the beauty of this movie.

Edward D Wood Jr. was awarded the Golden Turkey Award as "Worst Director of All Time"  and to make a movie about him, the director and producer had to be a genius or damn crazy and Tim Burton fits both shoes well. Tim Burton I feel now after seeing a few of his wide and diverse collection of movies was the only one who could have done this. He shares the same passion and love for movies as Edward Wood which is very evident from some of his non-conventional choices of movies. I haven't seen any of Ed Woods original work but I felt Tim Burton captured it all. Going Black-White for the movie gives it that realism, use of props and I felt the way the movie is shot keeps that erratic touch intact.

Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else's dreams? These are the words of Orson Welles to Edward Davis Wood Jr in the movie and I think Edward did lived to make his own dreams. Ed Wood is a brilliant movie, made with immense passion and I would say its a must watch for everyone.

Plus : Johnny Depp, Martin Landau's performances.

Minus : None at all.

Rating : 9/10

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