Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Truman Show (1998)

Stars : Jim Carrey , Ed Harris, Laura Linny, Noeh Emmerich, Natascha McElhone.

Directed by : Peter Weir.

Written by :  Andrew Niccole.

We all want to be someone , someone really powerful, be the one the world revolves around.Be the centre of the world, I know its sounds great to be the centre of  the world but it will freak you out sooner or later. when everything works according to you, you will start missing the mistakes, the small things that make us who we are.

This is the story of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey ) a human who actually is the centre of world.

A world called sevenheaven an entire island created for a television show "The Truman show" by Chritof (Ed Harris), a show that was truly a story of a lifetime. Life time of Truman Burbank who is unaware of his fake world and that his life is an entertainment show for the world, which was there with him he was born and since then has been with him 24 x 7 x 365. Though Truman had had a wonderful life till his 30th year except for the death of his father. He gets married to  Meryl (Laura Linny ), has a true friend in Marlon (Neoh Emmerich ) and a fine job in an insurance firm. But as the show enters the 30th year of its running things start to change, Truman gets suspicious not because of things start to go a little odd at the show but why is his world so perfect. We all dream of a world which is free of all the crime hazards the world has but sometimes we get trapped in our worlds, we try our best to get out but the harder we try the more complicated things become. Truman has a perfect world, a secure safe and happy world but perfection sometimes becomes a burden and slowly Truman's perfect world becomes his burden, too much for him to bear, he feels chained wants to be liberated. This is the story of Truman's search and discovery of truth, discovery of himself and the journey of his liberation and realization.

The star of the movie for me was Andrew Niccole, the writer. I got to say one of the truly original and beautiful movies I have and will ever see, except those which  I will create :).  Remarkable script, can just wonder how did he came up with this idea. Its a magical story and I felt it said more than what was on screen. It wasn't just the story of Truman it was our story, every human beings story. At some point in life we all feel trapped , trapped in a cage sponsored by those running this world and our lives. We too want to move out, look for what's behind every door. We too look for answers and want to break free. Truman Show isn't just a story but one that poked and provoked me. Andrew Niccole rightfully got nominated for an Academy award for original screenplay and won a BAFTA.

Jim Carrey is awesome, in one of his rare serious roles he is brilliant. I would rate this as one of his top 3 performances ever. May be its just that the story was so brilliant that everything fits in but really in some sequences he just captured my  mind with his expressions. He is a big comic star but in this movie it was more of  Jim Carrey the actor rather than the super hilarious comic artist. He is exceptional in emotional scenes and specially one with Marlon just before he meets his father and the last sequence.

The supporting performances are good too. Laura Linny as Maryl Truman's wife is good, she cannot stand him but the way she keeps her smile on and delivers during the scenes of Truman's emotional outburst is real good. Neoh has always been in the shadows of bigger stars but I felt his character was very well written and was equally well played by him. He keeps the faith of Truman alive whenever he starts questioning it. Ed Harris as Christof  the calm, composed and authoritarian man who pulls the strings of Truman's life. is good too and I felt during the last scenes of the movie he was brilliant. I could see not just the creator but a father who created this world for Truman, who has seen him grow and may be has lived a life through Truman.
I got to give credit to the director Peter for creating a masterpiece and his beautiful use of background score which I think was wonderful. This movie may be the one responsible for the rise of reality television.

An incredible movie which  I feel is a must watch, Its a cinema the way it should be, grand, creative and still maintaining the human touch.

Plus :  Superb script and superb performance from Jim Carrey.

Minus : Didn't find any.

Ratings : 9/10

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