Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Predators ( 2010)

Stars : Adrian Broody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Laurence Fishburne.

Directed By :  Nimrod Antal

Written By : Alex Litvak, Micheal Finch.

Predators the name of the movie was a reason enough for me to go to the cinema hall. The earlier part of movies were though not very good but each one of them was very watchable, with some great action sequences specially part one and Alien Vs Predator. Predators are one of the best fictional characters created on screen and I have always liked their invisibility power and weapons.

The movie starts with Adrian Broody in a freefall and landing in an extremely dense forest. He meets another bunch of people who also found themselves being in a freefall and ending up in the same forest. The only thing everyone remembers was a flash of bright light and then when they woke up they found themselves falling. They decide to stick together and get a way out of the dense jungle. Initially they thought they were being tested or were part of a game. Soon they discover they weren't tested or were hunting but were being hunted by a mysterious creature who tracks them by their body heat on an alien planet. They meet a guy who has somehow survived in the jungle for 10 seasons but what they didn't knew was that man was just treating them as bait. He locks them in a room and as obvious the Predators come hunting. Then begins the struggle between the predator and prey.

The acting was an exception, I know it was a science fiction and a full on action movie but still you got to act. I have to say the performances were very disappointing specially Adrian Broody an Academy Award winner, never thought he could be this bad. What's really surprising is that Adrian Broody accepted this offer, although he did shape up well for the character but never really looked like one who could take on the mighty Predators. Laurence Fishburne , Morpheus of Matrix fame also plays a small role and never really understood what was the importance of his character, he showed them the way to survive the predators but I feel it would had been more interesting if the team figured that by itself. Highly disappointing performance from everyone involved.

The production value, I don't know what they  spent on , coz the weapons carried by the team were very very shoddy. Adrian's gun looked like someone has just put a toy gun in a plastic case. Though I have to say the Predators did look deadly and mighty. The thought of a predator having a pet bird was very funny and the dog like creatures sent initially to hunt the team down just retreating on a whistle was hilarious. The end sequence where Adrian Broody tries to kill the Predator by creating a circle of fire I thought was another funny one. Though the thought was correct by not allowing the predator to distinguish the heat wave but Adrian Broody getting in the circle giving the Predator two three blows and running out without any problem was hard to digest. Though its not all lost, there are a couple of sequences that are really good, the fight sequence between two predators was good one and the sequence where the team was being attacked by some dog like creatures was nice one too. I have to say those dog like creatures did look like they could rip anything apart with one blow.

It might be that I had read and seen a couple of reviews and went with a mindset about the movie. It was a very big disappointment for me. and the movie fails to live upto any of its predecessors. I went to watch Predator thinking someone would be hunting them but little did I know that I was the one who was going to be hunted and haunted.

Plus : Couple of action sequences.

Minus : Movie lacks the thrill and action of a Predator movie.

Rating : 5/10

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