Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remember The Titans (2000)

Stars : Danzel Washington, Will Patton, Wood Harris, Ryan Hurst, Hayden Panettiere, Donald Faison, Ethan Suplee.

Directed By : Jerry Bruckheimer

Written By : Gregory Allen Howard.

If we look back at history we would find that every sport ever played in this world is filled with stories of human triumph over adversity, hostility, mental, physical and emotional barriers. Remember The Titans is another extraordinary movie that tells the story of a team of young men who stood together to face a society that was divided and not willing to see farther than the person's skin color.

Coach Herman Boone(Denzel Washington) joins T.C. Williams High School in Alexendria amidst the atmosphere of  racial hatred and takes over as the head coach of the school's football team. He replaces coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton ) a favorite among the boys and the town. Coach Yoast chooses to quit rather than work under coach Boone initially but decides to stay back for the boys. The school is newly integrated and is still divided. Its hard for the white and black boys to stick together and work as a team. Gerry Bertier (Ryan Hurst) is the captain of the team and hates the idea of playing for anyone other than coach Yoast, a sentiment shared by the whole existing team. Coach Boone takes all the team probables for a training camp. The first and fore most hurdle in front of him is to get the guys to work as a team. Initially the camp is still divided but a run to Civil war battleground of Gettysburg gets the boys to realise that they would too be destroyed if they don't work as a team like all those who died at the battle of Gettysburg. The guys return from the camp as a team to the amazement of the town and parents of the lads. Julius (Wood Haris) and Gerry become best friends during the camp after initial hostility. The team had to face hostility of the town initially but as the season progresses the town turns into one color, color of the Titans from a divided black and white town. Coach Boone not just takes the team to the state championship but with the help of coach Yoast and the team helps a town look beyond the color of a person's skin.

Remember The Titans is a true and extraordinary story of  a bunch of young boys who turned into men in a year. I have read about the racial hatred that was prevalent  in USA during that time and to do something what the T.C. Williams High School team did was not an ordinary achievement in any sense. Gregory Allen does a fine job to pick this story and adapt it for the big screen. Each scene of the movie is highly commendable and beauty of each scene is enhanced by the dialogues. Dialogues that were hard hitting yet touched chords of my heart and brain. The writers kept the dialogues simple and meaningful rather than going over. The speech given by Denzel Washington at the battleground of Gettysburg is my favorite .

Performances lifted the movie to an ultimate high. Denzel Washington is always brilliant in serious and intense characters. As coach Boone he was exceptional, always kept the coach's ferocity, passion on his face while still keeping the struggle of a black coach to keep his job and boys intact. Although he was awesome when ever he put that Titan's shirt on but brilliant when realises that a black man's determination to prove himself has overtaken the coach's shirt that he wore. There is never a doubt about Denzel's acting abilities and this role was yet another addition to a long list of characters he has played brilliantly. The way he delivers a stirring speech at the battle ground of Gettysburg is exceptional and is one of the high  points of the movie. I have always seen Will Patton in quiet and subtle roles and he plays the same kind of role here too. As he plays coach Yoast he keeps that silence of his and does most of his acting through his eyes and facial expressions.

Ryan Hust as Gerry Bertier plays the inspirational captain who leads his team with passion and courage. Ryan does a fine job and one scene between Gerry and Julius after one of the training  sessions is an example of the movies brilliant dialogue writting and performances. The whole of the supporting cast did a superb job and proved that it was truly a team effort. In the moments of high passion and emotions none of the actors felt like was acting. It felt like they were indeed a team who were there to win.

Jerry Buckhiemer is no unknown name for anyone who is a fan of action movies. I was surprised when I saw his name as director coz his previous works were all action centric and this was a bit of subtle and emotional movie but none the less he does a fine job. Maintains the high energy in every shot  and gives us a truly memorable movie.

One of my all time favorite and best sports movie, I had seen it a lot of times and every time I watch this extraordinary movie I just cannot take my mind of the fact that some guys actually did this , coz we always accept the world presented to us and to rise above not just the society but one's own emotions to see a what's right takes a lot of courage. The movie is undoubtedly brilliant and I always will " Remember The Titans".

Plus : Story , performances and dialogues.

Minus :Excused for such a brilliant story

Rating : 9/10

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