Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pretty Woman (1990)

Stars : Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo. 

Directed By: Garry Marshall.

Written By: J.F Lawton

Romantic Comedy has been a genre that's been explored across decades and all over the world. There have been a large number of  romantic comedies on screen over a long a period but only a few of them are remembered  and Pretty Woman is definitely one of them.Its one of the highest grossing movies of this genre of all times.

Mr. Edward Louis (Richard Gere ) a very successful businessman, takes off from a party after a heated conversation with his girl friend in a brand new Lotus of his lawyer. Looking for his way to an hotel in Beverly Hills he stops at a corner to ask for directions. Vivian (Julia Roberts) a hooker reaches to Edward's car and offers direction to hotel  for a payment of $5 . Vivian and Edward head towards the hotel, Vivian starts talking about the car , its engine and what it can do which amuses and surprises Edward. He invites her to stay with him for the night in the hotel. Thus begins a love story that takes the characters through a week long journey filled with moments of perfect romance, guilt, freedom and learning.

Its said that if you love someone you don't care who they are, where they from as long as you are in love, the Backstreet Boys made a song for the same. The social difference between Edward and Vivian is huge and plays a very important part in cementing the relationship. Vivian is looked down by the high socialites of Beverly Hill , something I think is not just restricted to Beverly Hill but is widespread. Edward is ultra rich and has the power to change that, which he does but what is impressive is the fashion he does it in. Though its a cliche " a rich guy, poor girl or vice-verse" but the freshness here is provided by the honesty maintained by both the characters. Though its a love story and Edward does treat Vivian with respect and dignity that a woman deserves but through out I felt Edward found peace, when he was alone and only when he really needed he went to Vivan, which I feel says that Edward never forgot that Vivian was a hooker. While Vivian  initially enjoyed the treatment she was getting but as the days passed her respect for Edward turned  into love and this is the honesty I am talking about. The movie is funny and filled with romantic moments. The Opera sequence is one of my favorite, where we see the romantic side during the course of Opera and as the Opera ends the funny side of it.

Julia Roberts, Oh boy ! isn't she pretty and her laughter is amazing. Its one of the roles that took Julia to  stardom and I could see why. She is brilliant as Vivian, the soft , sweet corner girl who is intelligent and knows what to expect. Julia lends innocence to Vivian through her eyes and her gorgeous face while maintaining  the no-bullshit attitude of her character. In and after the scene where Vivian harassed by Edwards partner, the way Julia holds herself was really good. Those eyes filled with tears and still bursting out at Edward was really something. She rightfully gained an Academy Award nomination for her performance as Vivian. Richard Gere is charming and gentlemen as usual. He must have been used to such roles by then so it was nothing special from him but yes was good as Edward and in holding one end of the string tight when the other end held by Vivian went through an emotional change. Hector Elizondo plays Barnard the hotel manager, my favorite character in the movie, always so understanding, helpful and graceful. I have seen him play the same kind of character in The Princess Diary movies and he is one character which brings a smile to your face.

The movie is very cute and of course romantic. I know its fairly tale mixed with some flavours of human emotions and was of course something that we have now seen a lot of times but still its a fun watch and if you have nothing much to do, its still a good watch with your girlfriend.

Plus : Julia Roberts

Ratings : 7.5/10

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