Monday, September 20, 2010

Toy Story 3

Director :  Lee Unkrich

Writers : John Lasseter , Andrew Stanton , Lee Unkrich

One of my favorite animation series came out with its third installation this summer "Toy Story 3 The Great Escape". I was very eager to get my hands on this adventure tale of a group of toys who come alive when no human is around them and finally i got to see it this weekend.

Our group of toys which comprises of a cowboy, inter-galaxy solder, a cowgirl, a T-Rex, potato head couple, slinky dog and few others,  is sad and very dejected as it fears being thrown out as trash. Andy the boy who owned and played with the toys is all grown up now. He is 17 and leaving for college and the group thinks that they would be thrown out as its been years since Andy played with them. Woody the cowboy (Tom Hanks ) is still hopeful of being put in the attic rather than being thrown out but no one believes him. Andy starts to take out stuff and pack in what he will be taking to college. Andy packs all the toys except Woody in a trash bag but keeps Woody for college. As he takes the trash bag up the attic he is held back by his sister who asks him for help. Andy's mother seeing the bag out assumes it as trash and puts it out with the rest of the trash. Woody sees this and decided to help his friends and prevent them from being thrown out. But before he could reach down to help them the trash bag was taken away. The group with help from Buzz( Tim Allen ) and Rex (Wallace Shawn ) is able to burst out of the trash bag before being picked up. Woody tries to explain them that Andy wasn't throwing them away but was putting them into the attic but no one believes him and decides to go to a children's home with toys that Andy's mom was donating toys too . Woody Tries to talk the group out of their decision but in vain. As the group reached the Children's home, they were greeted by ecstatic old toys in the play room who were led by Lotso (Ned Beatty ) a Hug bear and his friends. Lotso  talks the group through the children's home and very kindly and politely takes them into the children's playing area which was supposed to be their new home. The group was excited and rejects all the arguments by Woody, who decides to leave them and return to Andy. As the children rush in the group is terrified as the children who were suppose to play with them were very young n didn't knew how to play or handle them. They realise that Woody was right about the place and they should move out before anything bad happens. As Buzz tries to look for a way to escape out he is captured by Lotso and his group. They re-set Buzz to Demo mode and use him take all his friends as prisoners. While on his way back home Woody gets stuck in a tree just outside the children's home and is picked up by Bonnie, young girl and the daughter of the caretaker of childrens' home. At Bonnie's house Woody gets to meets Bonnie's other toys and Chuckles who knew Lotso and Lotso's chief enforcer the Big Baby. He tells Woody about the evil Lotso. How he tortures the new toys and tells him that his friends might be in danger. Woody being a true friend decides to rescue his friends from Evils Lotso and return back to Andy. How Woody and the gang fight's against Lotso and his group, savse Buzz and escape out form the Children's home back to Andy is the main highlight and action packed second half of the movie.

Right from the start of the series I have loved the idea of a separate world of toys where they interact, fight and do all that we do, and this thought coupled with very high quality writing, execution and superlative animation is treat for both the eyes and the heart. Toy Story 3 is not just the next step in this amazingly sweet and fun series but it also steps up 3-4 levels in terms of writing and with 3-D in animation. The characters are still the same sweet and funny, so is the spirit of the movie. Tom Hanks is again superb as Woody which I feel is an extension and mix of his past movie characters. Woody has got the sweetness and innocence of Forrest Gump,courage of Jim Lovell from Apollo 13, determination and loyalty of Captain John. H. Miller from Saving Private Ryan. Buzz voiced by Tim Allen has always been a buddy to Woody and the hero in crisis with all his gadgetry. But in this part though for a brief moment we do get to see a bit of Tim Allen in Buzz, when he in trying to reset Buzz back to normal Woody switches him into Spanish mode. The dance with Jessie and how tries to woo her is awesome and the funniest part of the movie. Joan Cusack  as the wild cow girls Jessie is again amazing, every voice actor here gives a very noteworthy work. Its the perfect combination actually because almost every character created here had a little touch of the actor voicing it, which I feel helped the actors in really coming out with the right timing and tone for that character.

I don't know how is the experience of watching this movie would be in 3-D as I didn't saw it in 3-D. There is no doubt that watching a movie in 3-D is awesome but I didn't feel there was anything special that I would like to see in 3-D but its the in thing and every movie is coming out in it. John Lasseter the director of toy Story and co-director of Toy Story 2 is not the one directing this one but he takes up the full time producers role and is replaced by one of his co-directors from Toy Story -2 Lee Unkrich. Lee has worn various hats on some very amazing animation movies over the past 1-1/2 decade and his experience in various roles has contributed in making his maiden movie as solo director into a huge success.

Toy Story 3 is one of those 2 hrs joyrides that capture your heart and mind. Its very entertaining, sweet, is more action packed and emotional than its predecessors. A must watch if u do like animation and even if you don't like it there is no harm in good fun for a couple of hours.

Plus:Top class animation, nice story and newer sides of the characters are revealed.

Rating :8.5/10

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