Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The A-Team (2010)

Stars: Liam Neeson ,Bradley Cooper ,
Jessica Biel ,Sharlto Copley,
Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson
Patrick Wilson

Directed By: Joe Carnahan

Written By: Joe CarnahanBrian BloomSkip Woods , Frank Lupo (Television Series), Stephen J. Cannell (Television Series )

This was a highly popular action packed Television series during the 80's(1983-1987) and the big screen adaptation was released this year in July. I do like Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper and Miss Biel she is gorgeous but wasn't excited to see this one. Last week I got my hands on this big screen version and boy oh boy , its a mad house. Completely rocking and fun .

Col. Hannibal Smith , Lt Facemen Peck, B.A.Baracus, Captain H.M.Murdock are four Ranger men , who form the Alpha Team , i.e. The A-Team. A-Team is the outlawed arm of the law. The most unconventional team of the army, they have the most unconventional methods but always at the top. The men are given an operation which turns out to be a set up. The team is held responsible for the operation which did not had any written orders for its execution. The men are dishonourably discharged and sent to prison. CIA men Lynch the person who hired the men for the failed operation brings the team back together. The men want their records cleared and want revenge from the men who made the heroes into traitors. The movie is their revenge saga and its one hell of a revenge operation.

The stars of the movie Liam Nesson, Bradley, Quinton and Copley are fun to watch. I never thought of watching Liam Nesson in such a cool avatar, he is cool and really impressive as the leader of the pack. His voice is his biggest asset and as Col. Smith he uses it very effectively. Bradley Cooper took time to find the leading man roles but now as he has, he rocks. Hangover was fun but Cooper as Facemen is wild. He is totally buzzing with energy and for me, he is the one who takes the limelight with his sheer energy. Capt. H.M. Murdock is the craziest guy of the four, and he truly looks and acts crazy. He is just incredible and gets some of the craziest and funniest lines to work with. Quiton as Baracus , is the bull of the pack. Strong but afraid of flying , leads to some fun sequences with Mudrock. Beil always looks gorgeous and as Lt. Sosa she rocks.

There are many sequences that can be brought up, which are just too much fun but the standout sequence is Hercules being chased by Drones and the guys then trying to fly a tank. The return of Baracus during the climax was just so much about raw power and really incredible. With some large scale action and cool sequences A-Team is just slightly above from rest of no holds barred action movies.

The movie is awesome, its packed with action ,adrenalin and is totally a exciting journey for all its 1 hr and 53 mins running time. There is no need to bring the head in while watching this one. Its truly a fun ride and their is no dearth of excitement. Packed with outrageous action sequences, its never short of moments which just blow your mind. Its way cooler than few of the past movies which had a team of outlaws. The dialogues are cool and very much what one can expects from a movie that presents itself as cool and action adventure ride. The direction, I cannot say much about coz there is not much space for showing the calibre but some of the sequences are highly imaginative and well presented.

Fun watch, its a 2 hr action packed joy ride which is highly enjoyable, specially during its last part.

Plus : Nothing special but fun to watch.

Rating : 7/10


J.P. said...

I agree. This movie is fun to watch... for the first half at least. It isn't anything special and there are definitely flaws; however, I think it's still worth seeing.

J.P. said...
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