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Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix

Directed By:  David Yates 

Written By: Screenplay : Michael Goldenberg , Novel : J. K. Rowling

The extraordinary journey of Harry Potter is nearing its destination and though the final chapter of the series was out last year, I may be one of the few fans who are not yet aware of the culmination of his journey. As I already told you guys, I m not an avid reader but huge fan of Potter franchise. The fifth installment in this seven book and eight movie series was released in 2007 November, I had seen it then but to go through the series again from start, I found is more fun and thrilling. I feel if  anyone likes a movie series where story evolves with each part its better to get all the parts together and watch one after the other, its  more engaging , enjoyable and definitely will make one like the series much much more.

Harry gets attacked by dementors in a subway but is able to save himself by using the Patronas charm. The ministry is not happy by Harry using magic specially in presence of Muggles. Harry gets suspended from Hogwarts for his actions but due to interference from Prof Dumbledor his suspension is suspended and an inquiry and hearing is setup. After the incident Harry is taken safely by Profs. Moody and his team to a secret home, where Weasley's , Hermione, Sirius Black and a lot of others are already present. Here Harry comes to know that Dark Lord is assembling n army to take control of the world but the Ministry and the Minister are in constant denial of it and are afraid that Dumbledor is using the fear of Voldemort to takeover the minister. For the first time Harry gets to know about "THE ORDER OF PHOENIX" a society formed by Dumbledor and others to fight Voldemont, Harry's parents were a part of this society which includes Nevil Longbottom's parents and even Profs. Snape. The very next day Harry has to attend to his suspension hearing at the Ministry, where the Minister will preside over with a Jury as well. At the hearing Profs. Dumbledor appears as Harry's lawyer and defends his actions successfully.

What makes the first forty minutes interesting is the introduction of this secret society and surprise inclusion of Prof. Snape in the society. I always had the feeling that Snape is the one who could lead the dark lord to Harry. I feel happy for our Mr. Potter whenever I see him with Sirius Black. The presence of Sirius gives a lot of hope not only to Harry but to us viewers that in the end our beloved Mr. Potter will have a home to return to. The Order of Phoenix also sets the stage for a grand and awesome face off between them and Lord Voldemort's army. We do get an insight in the Ministry's working and the influence of Malfoy in the ministry also indicates to the presence of Voldemort in the ministry.

Back at Hogwartz, things have started to change. Mrs. Dolores Umbridge, a bureaucrat and a trusted aid to the Minister is introduced as the new defense against the dark arts teacher. With approval from ministry she changes the syllabus and introduces new one focusing more on theoretical knowledge. Harry has been feeling a bit uncomfortable after being attacked by dementors. He experiences a vision one night that Mr. Weasley is being attacked by very huge snake. He informs Dumbledor, who immediately informs the ministry. Its later confirmed that Mr Weasley was attacked but is safe because of timely reception of the news. This makes students believe that infact harry is right and Voldemort has returned. They form a class called, Dumbledor's army , where they are taught by Harry to defend themselves against the dark arts. The vision Harry had establishes another possibility that voldemort may enter penetrate Harry's mind, which will destroy Harry. Snape is put to task, to teach Harry how to defend himself when the dark lord attacks his mind. Meanwhile Dolores has been put in charge of day to day working of Hogwartz , which leads to teacher's being questioned and one being suspended. Dolores is also suspicious of the movement of the students after class, so she puts few students in charge of finding what Harry and his friends are upto. Draco Malfoy leads this pack, they are able to crackdown the secret classroom of Harry with the help of chloe, the girl Harry likes a lot. The parchment containing the name of students who have signed for the class is discovered, which reads as Dumbledor's army. This makes the minister believes that Dumbledor was plotting a coup. Minister orders Dumbledors arrest but before he could Dumbledor vanishes, this puts Dolores as the headmaster of Hogwartz. 10 Deadly death eater have also escaped from Azkaban , which also include sister of Sirius Black.

Dumbledor's Army

The story initially felt like a story of adventures of a teenage wizard, took a dark turn in Goblet of fire, with the death of Cedric Diggory and with Order of Phoenix it takes a deeper plunge in the dark. The visions of Harry are in fact making a fear that i think every fan had , voldemort taking control of our boy wizard ,is turning true. The evidently visible worry in Dumbledor's voice and face , is not a good sign for the things to come in the next parts. The movement is getting stronger on either side with forces trying to make pacts and get as many as in numbers.

Harry has another vision where Sirius is being tortured by the Dark Lord, but what is more worrying is that the location is same as the one where Mr. Weasly was attacked. Harry remembers seeing that place while at the Ministry of Magic and since Dumbledor is not at Hogwartz, Harry and his team decides to go there alone and save Sirius. As Harrry and his team enters the door , he saw in his visions they see , huge shelves containing glass globes. Harry finds a globe in a shelf which he saw in his dreams. The globe tells Harry of a prophecy and as Harry and the team plans to leave Lucious Malfoy, and the prisoners who had escaped from Azkaban appear. Lucious tells Harry , that Voldemort wanted Harry to have those visions and that prophecy was the only hing that the Dark Lord didn't had the last time and now with the proficy he will be able to take control. Harry refuses to give it to Lucious and a battle between Harry and Lucious begins . Lucious and his men are able to capture all and force Harry to hand the prophecy to him but before Lucious could escape with the prophecy ,he is attacked by Sirius and the Order . The prophecy breaks and a highly rugged battle takes place. Sirius is killed by his own sister and Harry runs after her . Voldemort appears and takes on Harry, he disarm Harry and is about to kill him but Dumbledor appears and is able to save Harry but not before Harry is able to deny the Dark Lord's attempt to take control of his mind. The Minister is able to see for himself that The Dark Lord Voldemort has returned. Dolores Umbridge is removed from Hogwartz and Every thing goes back to normal, atleast for the time being.

The dark Lord has become all the more powerful and with Sirius killed Harry has not only lost the only family he had but also a big solder in the war against the Dark Lord . The only good thing coming out of this part was that now the ministry also knows who is where and we can hope that they take the right side and provide Harry with all the support he needs to fight Voldemort. The capabilities of Hermione, Ron , Ginny have improved immensely and they are also now aware of the real danger. Having faced him these guys will be more aware and prepared for the future battle.

If we look at the movie as a whole its highly entertaining , with a lot more revealed than in any other  part. There is high  action and with armies getting ready for the battle it also leaves a high sense of anticipation. Yates has a background of directing some highly acclaimed T.V series but to take up a movie of this magnitude must have been a challenge for him too. He does remarkably  well with Order of Phoenix and is rightfully signed for the next part too and infact he would be the one who will be till the end. He is directing the last part as well.  Harry , Hermione, Ron, Nevil and all those guys we have actually seen them grow over the years. In this movie they all are in their teens and have grown very well as actors. I have to say Emma Watson is turning into a very good actress and a very pretty young lady. Rupert Grint is looking more and more weired with his almost golden hair. Daniel Radcliffe is our lead and he lives upto it .  He has matured over the years and that reflects in his acting. For me still the best actor of the series is Alan Rickman as Snape. May be its his character or him but I really think he has lived this character to the most. The ystery surrounding him and the always straight face keeps one guessing why , why does he dislikes Harry so much. This also is revealed in this part, its turns out that Harry's dad was mean to Snape as a student and that somehow tell of his disliking.

The technical aspect of the movie are brilliant as always. The special effects, the dialogues and the screenplay are very engaging and crisp. The most interesting thing about The Order Of Phoenix is that it gives a glimpse into the power of the Dark Lord Voldemort, who is able to get an upper hand against one of the finest Wizards of all times Dumbledor. The movie is very entertaining and its highly recommended.

Plus : Its a Harry Potter series , no further plus needed.

Rating : 8.5/10

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