Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Despicable me (2010)

Stars : Steve Carell , Jason Segel , Julie Andrews ,Miranda Cosgrove , Dana GaierElsie Fisher , Russell Brand.

Directed By: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Written By: Ken Daurio , Cinco Paul(screenplay), Sergio Pablos (story)

Over a considerable period of time movies that have left their mark ,have been intense and closer to reality. They have told unknown stories, brought various aspects of human relations and behavior to fore front, they do provide that endorphin buzz but have drifted a bit away from the term entertainment which was the original idea about movies. Animation has thus captured the entertainment side of movies, DESPICABLE ME one of the finest movies of this year brings back that fun, entertainment and the childish  innocence on the screen. A wonderful and delightful creation that brings smile laughter and that feelin good feeling in the stomach.

In a world filled with super heroes, destroying all that is evil, the top spot among the super villains is a highly coveted seat. Gru is one of the super villains fighting for the top spot. Someone steals the pyramid of Giza which intimidates Gru and he decides to unveil his plan to steal the moon and make every other crime look like ****. Gru steals the Shrink Ray Gun but is ambushed by another young villain Vector who takes the gun away from him. Gru adopts three little girls and plans to steal the gun back through these little girls. What happens after these girls enter Gru's life is what the movie is all about. Its a simple story but incredible execution.

The movie is filled with highlights. The first is the voice over by the stars, specially Steve Carell who actually steals the show. The writing is superb , specially the screenplay, every scene and every dialogue is hilarious. Each character is so well carved that its hard to decide the favorite. Each characters has been provided with distinct behavior and each one has been given a story , which brings  lot of charm to the movie. The animation is prefect, the physical appearance of the characters adds a lot to the over all character.

The voice over by the stars is superb. Steve Carell is splendid , his slightly French  Gru made me laugh every time he spoke. His slight lisp and physical appearance makes him instantly likable. Every thing about him is very cute and adorable. Right from his awkward and scary looking dog, his travelling vehicle and best his working assistants minions. Minions yellow colored cute little creatures are just so cuddly, its hard not to wanna just grab one of them. The three little girls , Margo, Edith and Agnes bring innocence and more laughter to the screen. The scene where Gru reads to the little girls for the first time is really funny and very cute. Lovable dialogue's are made humorous by the way they are delivered by the artists. The character of Vector is beautiful voiced by Jason Segel. Dr, Nefario, Gru's friend  and scientist adds to the fun experience of the movie. The movie is filled with scenes which are cute , funny and instantly likable.

The director duo Pierre and Chris are to be given credit for keeping in mind small details when creating magic on the screen. The moment when Gru brings the girls home and gives them instructions , he leaves them with with food , water and anther sheet for Pee Pee and Poo Poo. The director duo create scenes where if silence is prevalent but the expressions of the character make you laugh that moment. The directors have kept the current happenings in mind when developing the story. Like the Bank of Evils shown in the movie has this on its door "Bank of Evil formerly Lehman Brothers".

Its an extremely funny movie and is sure to give moments that tickle you long after the movie is over.

Plus : Excellent characters , funny dialogues , situations and excellent voice over.

Rating :9/10 


Joseph said...

Great review; we watched it in the theater and loved it. Awesome movie.

saurav a.k.a tats said...

after watching this movie need to say one thing "light bulb"..really taken animated movie to a new dimension..excellent extrapolation of ideas and thought.