Sunday, December 26, 2010

SALT (2010)

Directed By: Phillip Noyce

Written By: Kurt Wimmer

Everyone of us has been fascinated atleast once by one of the most glamors and most dangerous field of work in this world "Espionage". There have been a numerous movies about this field and only a few of them have really been able to leave a footprint . Movies like Spy Game , the Bourne series have been few and sporadic. Salt does not reaches that level but yes it does keeps you hooked for its 96 minutes of running time. 

A Russian defector Orlov provides information to the CIA about a plot to assassinate the Russian President during the funeral service of the U.S vice-president which the Russian President plans to attend. Orlov names a CIA operative Evelyn Salt(Angelina Jolie) as the Russian agent who would be conducting this assassination. Salt has been a CIA operative for years and had spent two years in North Korean brutal captivity  but she was still with CIA and working with her partner Ted(Liev Schreiber).  After the allegations Salt is held for interrogation even though she pleads innocence. Before the intelligence could lay hands on her Evelyn manages to escape. The chase of Evelyn Salt, her true identity and her mission is what this movie is all about. Its an action packed typical Angelina Jolie movie, where its easy get distracted by her  and lose the track of the plot.   

Angelina Jolie has a hunger for action, and she has proven time and again that she is the actual action star of Hollywood, sometimes even giving complex to her male colleagues. She has a quality to take risks and biggest example is that she is never reluctant to look ugly. Drenched in blood, open wounds, distorted face , she has done it all. In Salt too she completes her task well. You can put her in any situation and she never disappoints, she is hot, she is fierce and she can handle guns even better than some men. She gives her all to the role , with looks like her its hard to notice her acting skills but in the scene where she has to watch her husband die, she had to express all her feelings through her face and eyes while trying to keep them inside as well. Her stone face , moist eyes and her cold stare give a clear example of how well an actress she is. There is a scene towards the end where the rawness and the energy of Angelina is shocking and awesome at the same time. Liev Schreiber plays Evelyn's CIA friend , Ted Winter and he does it very well. The story revolves around Evelyn so others didn't had too much to do but yes Liev tries to give decent enough performance towards  the end. 

Looking at the story of Salt, I felt it was somewhat similar to Anna Chapman episode. I really liked the sleeper cell part, a 20 year sleeper cover thats so fascinating. . The movie has a very deep and well woven script but all the spy movies have a cliche and I guess by now most of us are able to spot the mole or the real culprit during the first 15-20 minutes of a movie. The movie has a chase sequences that is good, a few action sequences impress in bits but on the whole the action of the movie disappoints. 

Salt is a regular piece of work with an amazing woman we all love to watch. Its a decent movie, that is engaging  for the most part where Angelina takes the anti hero image and brings her action packed A game.

Plus : A gun wielding Angelina Jolie.

Rating : 7/10

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Dan said...

This one has been on my watch list for a while now, but the bad reviews made me assign it to the "watch on DVD" pile.

Personally though I've never been too enamored with Angelina Jolie in action roles. I really disliked her in Wanted for example (but then again, I really disliked Wanted in general so....)