Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Social Network (2010)

Stars : Jesse Eisenberg , Andrew Garfield , Justin Timberlake ,Armie Hammer

Directed By: David Fincher

Written By: Aaron Sorkin (Screenplay) , Ben Mezrich (book "The Accidental Billionaires").

" I am not a monster" that's how everything that has been big or is big in the world justifies itself. The Social Network tracks the story of one such Biggie in the social world "Facebook", most successful start up of this decade. Everyone thought none would be able to compete against the success of "Google" leave alone going past it , out comes Facebook , now officially the most visited site in the world. The Social Network takes us from the start of Facebook to its current position in the cyber space.

They say behind every successful man their is a woman , knowingly or unknowingly. Mark Zukerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) a sophomore at Harvard University has a terrible break up with his girl friend and as in all such scenarios , booze and net(place being Harvard) comes to the aid. Intoxicated Mark writes about his break-up and develops on an idea by his friend to compare undergards at the university and ask people to rate them. The site gets almost 22000 hits in 4 hours after its upload and Mark is called up as the servers crash. This small incident is how the Facebook pre-production was done and rest as they say is history. The movie isn't about this incident its the story that germinates from here and moves on to what we now know as "Facebook" which i am sure will be a word in Oxford dictionary by the end of next year.

The movie scores in lots of areas. The biggest attraction being able to get a sneak peak into the real story behind the fascination and obsession the world has been made addict to "Facebook". The life of Sergey Brin and Larry Page still fascinates millions, we all have read about the story behind the birth of "Google" but to actually see it being enacted is completely different and I am sure would be an exhilarating experience. The background score and the production value of the movie are noticeable. The use of minimum and essential things is what makes this movie a fine n much real experience. There are no use of details which didn't counted, the movie never deviates from Facebook, as in such movies sometimes one tries to explore personal side of the characters.

The performances by the cast is another highlight of the movie. Its highly engaging and drives a lot form the splendid performances from the leads ,specially Jesse who plays Mark Zuckerberg. I don't know if I am correct but Jesse does looks a bit like Mark. To say how well does Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark is a tough task coz I don't know how Mark behaves but all the successful college dropouts who made big have few common traits and they are very well reflected by Jesse. The passion, the way search for excellence drives these guys nuts and most importantly when such guys meet their idols, the kind of expression during and after the meeting are all there. Andrew Garfield play Edurado , Marks friend and initial partner. Andrew does well and in few scenes where blank expressions were expected he provides them with ease. Few high emotional moments between Edurado and Mark do reflect on the personal side of Mark but I suppose they were intentionally subdued or underplayed. Justin Timberlake plays Sean Parker and quite sure the way he played Sean, he was very real.

The direction and screenplay provide the heart to this movie. The movie moves at a rapid pace and never does makes one loose interest. The movement between the present and the flashback is really nicely done. The only thing is one just cant miss any moment as it just not holds to a point for long enough. The direction by David Fincher is remarkable. It seemed to me whenever he went in to the flashback he uses subtle colors and present is shown in more bright colors. The movie is one of the best this year content wise. Its very much a don't miss it at any cost movie.

Every great men who has brought or led a revolution in this world has faced criticism, acquisitions and dilemma , so does Mark Zuckerberg. But what's important is like every other guy Mark wanted a general good life, like he says in the beginning, he was motivated but when he found something that became his obsession well what to say. Yes we do see betrayal and rest of other things and people will judge but he is a human. Like he says " I am not a monster".

Plus : Story, Performances, Direction almost all of it.

Rating : 9/10

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CMrok93 said...

Just how much of the story is really true is anyone's guess but the brilliant script and Eisenberg's performance make it worth seeing in any case. Good Review!